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On-Air This Week: Inner Voices

This week: how the voices in our heads shape us, for better and for worse. Listen to Inner Voices on a station near you

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Blanc photos

Mel Blanc was "the man of 1,000 voices" (Bugs Bunny, Tweety, & tons more). Sean Cole snapped some photos of Mel's mountain home in Big Bear Lake, where he interviewed Mel's son Noel.

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George In New Jersey

What if the Galapagos Island's most beloved creature turned up right next door in scenic Woodland Park, New Jersey?

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Is That A Lark I Hear? A Nightingale? Surprise! It's A Bat

There are animals famous for their songs. Whales sing. Birds sing. We humans have Aretha, Elvis, Ray Charles, Pavarotti. But bats — who knew?


It's a Very Tough Little Spaceship and It Knows What It's Doing

It's no secret that we're a little obsessed with the Voyager mission. We've done two stories about it now: one in our Space episode, and another in our Escape episode. When you listen to those stories, though, you might notice an unfortunate lack of intensely adorable children.

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2 Ways To Think About Nothing, One Mo' Time

Let's compare two kinds of nothing: an empty patch of deep space and an empty piece of paper that was once beautiful. There's nothing to see in either. Or is there?

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Space Capsules

Imagine trying to sum up life on Earth on one little record... for an alien or humans of the far-off future. What sounds would you use? What images? We asked Margaret Cho, Philip Glass, Alice Waters, Michael Cunningham, and Neil Gaiman what they'd send into space.

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