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The Music of La Mancha Screwjob

A peek into making the musical mashups in our La Mancha Screwjob episode. 

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On-Air This Week: Famous Tumors

Say hello to the growth that killed Ulysses S. Grant & get to know the woman whose cancer cells changed modern medicine, by tuning in to a station near you.

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Darwin's Stickers

How Charles Darwin's 150 year-old discoveries about human emotion are helping Facebook users better understand and empathize with each other.

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Sink Your Teeth Into Our Rabies Quiz

In our episode Dead Reckoning, we tell the story of a doctor who does battle with one of the most deadly viruses in the world: rabies. How much do YOU know about rabies? Find out! by taking this quiz. 

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Reckoning With End of Life Care

Listen to Jad and producer Sean Cole discuss the chasm between the end-of-life care doctors want for themselves and the care end-of-life patients often receive, on The Brian Lehrer Show.

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Photos: Carlisle Football

Here are some of our favorite photos from researching the Carlisle Indian School and its ground-breaking football program. 

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Before and After Carlisle

We were incredibly moved by the "Before and After" student photos we saw on our trip to Carlisle, PA. Here are a few of the most powerful images we came across in the archives.

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