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On-Air This Week: Words

It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without words. But this week, we try to do just that. Listen to Words on a station near you.

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Bonus video: Words


Check out this gorgeous short film inspired by our Words episode. 

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The Meter: The Measure of a Man

Turns out the story of the meter (or, you know, the metre) is every bit as epic and fascinating as the story of the kilogram we told a few weeks ago in ≤ kg. Oh, and it turns out the meter might be a giant conspiracy.

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Neil Whosis? What You Don't Know About The 1969 Moon Landing

The year he landed on the moon, astronaut Neil Armstrong was famous, iconic, an American hero. One year later he wasn't. In 1970, how many people remembered his name? This will surprise you.


The Most Astonishing Wave-Tracking Experiment Ever

What if I told you that an ordinary-looking wave hitting your beach had traveled, intact, halfway across the planet? Would you believe me? Well, believe this.


A Look Inside Eastern State Penitentiary

Check out the abandoned cells and corridors of Eastern State Penitentiary -- the radical 19-Century Philadelphia prison we visited in our Morality episode.

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An Animated Adventure from Minute Physics

Radiolab just had our first (unofficial) artist-in-residence. Check out this great video he made to go with our Things episode.

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