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Radiolab Presents: More Perfect

Check out Radiolab’s new spin-off podcast, More Perfect. This seven-week series starts June 2, 2016. You can subscribe here, and here.

On Air This Week: Threat Level

When should we consider someone a threat? All week long on a station near you, we puzzle over the murky line between empty threats and concrete criminal plans.

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All the Covers of the Rainbow

If you liked what you heard in our Colors episode and want to know more about the dozens of amazing artists who recorded covers for the show, check out this list. 

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The Hypnotist and the Warts

In February of 1951, Dr. Albert Mason began treating a teenage patient whose plastic surgeons agreed nothing could be done for...If you haven't listened to Placebo yet, do that before you read this spoiler-strewn post.

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Tricking Children, One Placebo At a Time

Obecalp, which is Placebo spelled backwards, is a cherry-flavored chewable dextrose pill meant to trick children into believing they are getting a medicine that will make them feel better.

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1,500 Clues to Human Evolution

Professor Lee Berger is perhaps the luckiest paleoanthropologist there is. From the man who brought us Taung Child, comes yet another new human ancestor. Welcome, Homo naledi! 

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Primatologist Frans de Waal weighs in on Harambe

Heard our episode on Morality over the airwaves this week? Wondering how primatologist Frans de Waal weighs in on the events at the Cincinnati Zoo

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A Look Inside Eastern State Penitentiary

Check out the abandoned cells and corridors of Eastern State Penitentiary -- the radical 19-Century Philadelphia prison we visited in our Morality episode.

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Pitch Us!

Mice Puppets and Souls

Lulu Miller ponders the idea of an afterlife, by way of a puppet show designed by psychologists...and some early childhood lessons about peek-a-boo and how the world works.

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