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Mapping What You Cannot See, Cannot Know, Cannot Visit

We live on a planet, next to a star that's part of a galaxy that's part of ... ah, here comes the new discovery. We are at the very tip of a giant galactic "supercluster." Take a look.

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On-Air This Week: Detective Stories

On the radio this week: mystery, intrigue, and a goat standing on top of a cow. Listen to Detective Stories on a station near you

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Tumbling In The Light

Every fall, birds head south and, around Sept. 11, New York sends two beams into the sky. When birds and lights collide, that could mean trouble — but New York is surprisingly gentle.


Building Me: A Puzzlement

 I am made of atoms — 7,000 trillion trillion of them. How did I teach them to tie my shoes? Or did they teach me?

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Help Rewrite History

In Detective Stories, Jad digs into an ancient trash heap that has reshaped our understanding of history. Now, you can help decode more secrets -- by transcribing scraps of papyrus.

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Roadways You Can Install Like Throw Rugs

You look. You gape. You can't believe your eyes. Well, take a peek at this image and ask yourself, 'How did they do this?'

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When Venus Was Filled With Venusians — 50 Billion Of Them

Look up at the night sky and ask, "Anybody there?" Then consider this answer (from the 1830s): There are 22 trillion individuals in our solar system.

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Glenn Gould In Rapture

You don't get to see this too often: a man (in this case, a very talented man) totally possessed by his muse. Watch pianist Glenn Gould deep in what psychologists call "a flow state."

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If You're Born In The Sky, What's Your Nationality? An Airplane Puzzler

Suppose two Chinese parents get on an Australian airplane and, while flying over U.S. territory, they have a baby on the plane. Can that baby be an American citizen?

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