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Explaining The Flashlight Sessions

There are many ways to communicate with the dead, we examine one of them. A footnote to our episode Haunted.

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On-air This Week: War of the Worlds

Martians, mass media, and one of the most controversial broadcasts ever -- how War of the Worlds sparked panic in 1938, and fooled audiences again and again for decades.

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Musical Translations

How Radiolab took 7 classic songs and transposed them, then translated them into 7 foreign languages. 

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Radiolab en Español

Your Future Memories Are At Stake

In the Digital Age, we're snapping more photos than ever before -- but are they actually causing us to forget?

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George In New Jersey

What if the Galapagos Island's most beloved creature turned up right next door in scenic Woodland Park, New Jersey?

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Blanc photos

Mel Blanc was "the man of 1,000 voices" (Bugs Bunny, Tweety, & tons more). Sean Cole snapped some photos of Mel's mountain home in Big Bear Lake, where he interviewed Mel's son Noel.

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