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Watch: Jad and Robert on Colbert

On-Air This Week: Escape!

This week, stories about traps and getaways... about getting stuck, and breaking free. Listen to Escape! on a station near you.

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Voyager in Limbo?

NASA believes Voyager 1 has finally left the heliosphere. But not everyone agrees. 

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A Pale Blue Dot of Perspective

Check out some of our favorite images snapped by the Voyager spacecraft, including the famous "Pale Blue Dot" we describe in our Escape episode.

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Elemental Storytelling

Thomas Doyle tells stories with teeny frozen people. They aren’t cold. They are frozen in time, but he freezes them with exquisitely suspenseful, Sherlock Holmes-like care.


60 Words Update

The Meter: The Measure of a Man

Turns out the story of the meter (or, you know, the metre) is every bit as epic and fascinating as the story of the kilogram we told a few weeks ago in ≤ kg. Oh, and it turns out the meter might be a giant conspiracy.

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An Animated Adventure from Minute Physics

Radiolab just had our first (unofficial) artist-in-residence. Check out this great video he made to go with our Things episode.

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