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The poetry of "Elements"

Sylvan Esso & Jaime's Song

How to hear the song Sylvan Esso composed for our Elements episode.


Looking Back With Dr. Sacks

Delightful photos of Dr. Oliver Sacks as a young man.

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On-Air This Week: American Football

The most popular sport in the US is savage, creative, brutal & balletic. Love it or loathe it, it’s a touchstone of the American identity. Tune in to your local station for American Football.

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Photos: Before and After Carlisle

We were incredibly moved by the "Before and After" student photos we saw on our trip to Carlisle, PA. Here are a few of the most powerful images we came across in the archives.

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Photos: Carlisle Football

Here are some of our favorite photos from researching the Carlisle Indian School and its ground-breaking football program. 

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Draw My Left! No, No, My Other Left! A Hidden Bias In Art History Revealed

In our What's Left When You're Right episode, we tackle the mysterious endurance of southpaws--left-handed people living in a right-handed world. Turns out, art history is equally (but oppositely) biased with left-facing portraits.

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Mau Mau Deleted Scene

A deleted scene from our Mau Mau episode.  We just couldn't figure out where to put this little bit of conversation.

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Sperm Tales

 If you think you learned all there is to know from that junior high school filmstrip, think again.

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Comparing Sperm Whales To Sperm: A Swimming Contest

Ready, get set, go! Let's compare a sperm whale plowing through the ocean to a human sperm plowing through a glass of water: The whale barely notices the water it's in; the sperm — oh, gee — it's got a problem. And a masterful solution.

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