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Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.

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Show Archive

Show Staff

  • Jad Abumrad - Host, Radiolab

    The son of a scientist and a doctor, Jad Abumrad did most of his growing up in Tennessee, before studying creative writing and music composition at Oberlin College in Ohio. Following graduation, Abumrad wrote music for films, and reported and produced documentaries for a variety of local and national public radio programs, including On The Media, Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen, Morning Edition, All Things Considered and WNYC's "24 Hours at the Edge of Ground Zero."

  • Simon Adler

    If my memory serves me, the first time I was asked the proverbial What do you want to be when you grow up? The answer was, “An astronaut.” Later it became a drawer. Then a guy who makes television commercials. By middle school I decided I wanted to be an environmental engineer, before stints hoping to be a photographer and then filmmaker. In high school, after dreaming of being a teacher, I was certain I’d be a professional jazz saxophone player. In college, I jumped from humanitarian aid worker, to psychotherapist, to indie rock musician. After graduating I wanted to be a writer. Now, I make radio. Email me at

  • Brenna Farrell

    Brenna is a writer and radio maker who loves trees, stories, and people. Not necessarily in that order. She hails from the Adirondack Mountains, where she makes frequent getaways for ice-fishing, chopping wood, and chasing her toddler and husband through the mud and snow and tall grass.

  • Dylan Keefe - Director of Sound Design

    Still recovering from when Rolling Stone called him a “Rock n roll Judge Reinhold,” Dylan came to Radiolab after selling his soul at the crossroads of Marcy Playground Ally and Calle de WNYC. Carrying only a Fender P Bass and a shotgun microphone, Dylan was met at midnight first by Brooke Gladstone of On the Media, then John Hockenberry of The Takeaway and finally by a curly haired demon named Jad. All of whom detuned his bass and redirected his mic. Having actually wanted Carl Sagan to show up, Dylan decided the curly guy was close enough. Now he owes him his soul.

  • Matt Kielty

    Matt started at Radiolab as an intern. Now he works here. Around and in-between those two things, he lived in Minnesota, attended school in Arizona, tried to find himself, lived in Washington D.C., learned radio from Rob Rosenthal at the Salt Institute for Documentaries Studies, hung around This American Life, was awarded the Above the Fray fellowship to report in Uganda, and had a metal plate screwed into his wrist. He just realized this reads like Andy Mills' bio. He doesn't care.

  • Robert Krulwich - Host, Radiolab

    Robert Krulwich is co-host of Radiolab, WNYC's Peabody Award-winning program about ‘big ideas’ now one of public radio’s most popular shows. It is carried on more than 500 radio stations and its podcasts are downloaded over 5 million times each month. He is also the author of the “Curiously Krulwich” blog, featured on National Geographic, where he illustrates hard-to-fathom concepts in science using drawings, cartoons, videos, and more. 

  • Annie McEwen

    Annie grew up in Dunrobin, Ontario, headed east for school and ended up in St. John's, Newfoundland. It was there that she fell under the patient mentorship of Chris Brookes at Battery Radio who taught her about sound and tape. She furthered her studies in radio at the Transom Story Workshop and then, under a series of confounding and improbable events, she ended up at Radiolab. She loves it here. When she's not cutting tape she likes to be outside.  

  • Latif Nasser

    Latif Nasser is a longtime friend of the show. You’ve heard him numerous times on air or read his missives on our site: telling us stories about the lie of the perfect snowflake, how pigeons get home, the lie that is the meter, etc. Having just finished his PhD at Harvard in the history of science, he is our new Director of Research.  On staff he’ll be telling us more stories, infecting us with his enthusiasm and applying his formidable research skills to building out our editorial pipeline.  He’ll also be the primary point of contact for our fact-checkers and outside contributors.  He’ll also be standing at his desk like a meerkat.  A meerkat with glasses.

  • Kelsey Padgett - Producer, More Perfect

    Kelsey has reported and produced stories on law and science for Radiolab. In 2014 she led production on the Radiolab story, “60 Words,” that received a George Foster Peabody Award. Before coming to Radiolab, Padgett studied at The Salt Institute, worked with NPR’s State of the Re:Union, and contributed to PRX’s The Heart.

  • Arianne Wack

    Hailing from the Wisconsin woods, Arianne is a painter-cum-radio producer and is still a little baffled about that trajectory.  At the ‘lab she gets to call herself a Technical Producer which technically entails producing the weekly broadcast shows, premixing the podcasts, and reminding the Director of Sound Design, Dylan Keefe, that he is also the bass player from Marcy Playground. She is very good at almost all of those things. She considers herself more a story-listener than a storyteller and is thrilled to be among this list of incredibly talented, smart, story-conquering weirdos. 

  • Molly Webster

    Best described as someone who likes to "sit in the woods and stare," Molly fell for science in the ponds, wildlife, and fields of Ohio. After focusing on biology in college, she began to pursue science journalism, and has written and produced (radio/podcasts) for outlets like Scientific American, Wired, Nature, NPR's Science Friday, and National Geographic Adventure, as well as created live conversations at the World Science Festival, where she specialized in creating programs at the intersection of science, philosophy, and art. Her ability to comprehend and totally immerse herself in complicated issues has helped Radiolab investigate blood donation, drug prices, and one very special jar. She also had a hand in the pilot of Freakonomics Radio, where you can still hear her voice at the top of every episode.

  • Soren Wheeler - Senior Editor, Radiolab

    Soren Wheeler is the Senior Editor at Radiolab, where he plays a variety of roles, including producer, editor, and reporter. He also oversees the development of future content. Before coming to radio, Soren spent 10 years working with science teachers and writing about how kids learn science. He was a project coordinator at the Association for the Advancement of Science, where he co-authored the book Atlas of Science Literacy. He then went on to get a Master’s degree in science writing at Johns Hopkins University. Soren has won awards for production on radio pieces about coincidence and statistics, the periodic table, and the story of a woman waking up from a coma.

  • Jamie York - Senior Producer, Radiolab

    Jamie is the Senior Producer of Radiolab where, among other things, he oversees the staff and the short and long-term editorial planning. He got his start at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine and has reported and produced for On the Media, Studio 360, Marketplace, The World, NPR and the BBC. He's the recipient of grants and fellowships from the Ford Foundation, The Center for Investigative Reporting and The International Reporting Project. And in recent years he's reported from China, Kenya, India, Poland and Malaysia.