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We recommend that you use current versions of web browser software; we do not support all older versions of some browsers.

If you're only having trouble with the pop-up version of the audio player, you may need to adjust the pop-up blocker on your browser.

iTunes and Podcasting

To set up podcasts with iTunes, see Podcasts.
For more specific help with iTunes, consult Apple's iTunes Support.

Sound Cutting Out From An Audio Stream

There are a few explanations for why the sound may cut out from an audio stream:

  • Your Internet connection may be too slow for the stream you chose, especially if you do not have a broadband connection or you are doing something else on the Internet simultaneously.
  • There may be temporary problems on the Internet somewhere between our audio servers and your computer.
  • There may be a problem with your computer hardware or software. 

Robot or Tinny Sounds

In order to broadcast audio over the Internet, sound must be compressed so it can be efficiently transmitted to the greatest number of users. Occasionally, sound compression or a low quality set of speakers or headphones renders a robot or tinny sound. We have made improvements to the quality of our audio streams and will continue to do so in the future as the technology continues to improve.

Windows Media Player


The Windows Media Player may create a skipping sound, like a CD player, when you try to listen to an audio stream. It may also provide the following error message: "A network firewall may be preventing the Player from opening the file by using the UDP transport protocol. To play this file, try opening the file without specifying UDP." Try these options to fix this problem:

Buffer: Users with dial-up Internet connections can try increasing the "Buffer" setting on the Windows Media Player. Under the "Tools" menu, select "Options" and then click the "Performance" tab. Change the "Network Buffering" setting from "Default" to 10 seconds or more. This will allow Windows Media Player to temporarily store more audio on your computer so the stream can continue playing even if your Internet connection is briefly interrupted. The longer the buffer time, the longer it takes for streams to begin playing. Click here to see where to find the check box.

UDP: To disable the UDP protocol (a type of streaming audio protocol) in Windows Media Player, select "Options" under the "Tools" menu. Click the "Network" tab and uncheck the UDP box. Click here to see where to find the check box.

More Help

If you have difficulty with Radiolab’s audio content and cannot find an answer to your problem on our Troubleshooting page, please contact WNYC Listener Services.

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