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February 03, 2013 10:51:06 PM

I'd say if we ever found life, it would be like a strange dream, somehow familiar and yet completely alien. I did a series awhile back that contained fantastical landscapes and this was one of my favorites. It has a giant creature living inside a mountain, possibly a limestone cliff riddled with tunnels from the sea. Its body rests somewhere inside, but it has giant catlike eyes that peer out through cave openings, and multiple mouths like a fanged lamprey eel that are ready to receive anything that tries to take refuge. When the tide rises, it eats fish and other things that come into the caves. I like to think about not only the biology of a new habitable planet, but I wonder about the landscapes and possible sentient beings. This scene shows a traveler going over the mountain, having climbed up and around the hill monster, to reach a fruit tree.



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