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February 03, 2013 11:41:44 PM

The title is Star 54 Where Are You?
My painting is about life being spread throughout the universe in a number of ways. Microbial life is very, very likely to be common over space and time. Microbes make good space travelers and could actually have been the mechanism used by an ancient intelligent life form that wanted to propagate life throughout the universe. Most likely the microbes have been spread as a result of explosive events between planetary bodies and asteroid sized objects. DNA may very well be the lingua franca of life in the universe. Perhaps we should be examining meteorites for traces of DNA as well the as living microbial life for which we are already looking. If there are or have been intelligent beings similar to humans, they are likely to be asking the same kinds of questions as we do and are actively searching for signs of life from the four corners of the universe. One big question is whether any of them are contemporaries of ours. The other question is whether most intelligent life forms have an interest in asking questions like humans. Perhaps most are more like the whales and apes that are our own fellow intelligences on planet Earth.



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