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Just for you...A Radiolab Exclusive

Listen in on a meeting between Jad, Robert, and Radiolab's Executive Producer, Ellen Horne: 


A note from Ellen: 

Every week, Radiolab's editorial team gets together to kick around ideas, field new story pitches, and check in on our progress on upcoming shorts, hour-long episodes, blog articles, online projects and live shows. And every week, Krulwich bounces into the office overflowing with enthusiasm for some idea that he wants Radiolab to run full steam at.

I grabbed Jad and Robert after an interview for the soon-to-be-released and tentatively-titled "No Doubt" hour-long episode, to ask Robert Krulwich what he was planning to talk about in the upcoming editorial meeting. I thought that this might be of interest to you, especially as it demonstrates one of the behind-the-scenes dynamics that has been present since the very beginning at Radiolab: the skeptic vs. lobbyist tension of our editorial process. If it's not Jad playing the furrowed-brow hard-to-convince tough guy, it's frequently our senior producer, Soren Wheeler, or myself. The eager puppy-dog idea promoter can be anyone on the team. It's frequently Krulwich, but from time-to-time we've seen everyone at Radiolab get obsessed and try to win the others over. Tim Howard, for example, has tried time after time to convince us to do a story about a man who raised his son to speak Klingon as a primary language. Don't worry. We haven't let him convince us yet....