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Radiolab Live: Coming (maybe) to a town near you!

We’re starting to think about our next live show tour, and we need a little help. First, where should we go? In the past, we’ve asked you to let us know where you’d like to see us schedule a tour stop -- but we’re also wondering: where is there the most enthusiasm? Not just the greatest number of folks who want us to visit, but where is there the most love?

As we plan the next tour, we’re also hoping to engage some sponsors. As you may or may not know, gathering and developing another traveling circus-style show, even one as D-I-Y-ish as In the Dark, does have some costs involved, and even with ticket sales, it’s still a big undertaking. As we go out and talk to sponsors we wanted to be able to convey the enthusiasm for Radiolab that we have seen firsthand, from Berkeley to Miami. We've tried and failed. It sounds a little pompous coming from us.

So we wanted to ask you a favor: if you want Radiolab to come to your city, can you tell us why? On video. Tell us what you love about Radiolab. What you’d do if Radiolab came to your town. Why we should make sure not to pass Pittsburgh, skip Saskatchewan, or miss Mississippi.

Here’s our take at a sample of the kind of love letter/tour stop request that we’re looking for:

We’d love to be able to show these videos to some possible tour partners. Or even just to watch them over and over again late at night when we are depressed after spending 14 hours in the studio and finding that the last 3 hours of work just got eradicated by some tragically corrupted file on our server. (See the waiver below the form for all the details on submitting.)

So, if you can, take a moment and show us your face, and hopefully soon you’ll be seeing ours too.

We’ll send the first 10 folks who upload a video a little thank you gift as a token of appreciation. (We'll also send thank you gifts to particularly inspired and magical videos that catch our eye.)

1)   Videos must be no longer than 3 minutes.
2)   Video size must be no larger than 500MB.
3)   Videos must be in the following formats: mov, zip, mp4, wma, mpg, avi, m4v
4)   Title your video with your name, like this: "[Lastname]_[Firstname].mp4"

When you’ve recorded your video, fill out the form below and upload your file.


By submitting a video using the submit button on this page:

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You agree that your submission will not:

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You agree that your submission will:

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