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Geoffrey West

Distinguished Professor and Past President, Santa Fe Institute

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Friday, October 08, 2010

One tidy mathematical formula may hold the key to how cities work. We take to the streets to test the numbers, & ask what really makes cities tick.

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It's Alive?

There's no scientific metric for measuring a city's personality. But hit the streets, and you can see and feel it. Sxip Shirey avoided New York City most of his life. But as an aspiring musician, he decided that moving there was a necessary evil. Then, one night on a ...

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The Belly of the Beast

Cities, like bodies, grow and evolve. In the case of New York City, that growth never would have occurred if not for a Homeric engineering feat that occurred mostly underground. Jad digs into the history of the city's water tunnels with Diane Galusha and Nik Sokol. And Sandhogs Ritchie Fitzsimmons ...

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