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Jody Avirgan

The Brian Lehrer Show

Jody Avirgan started two days before The Brian Lehrer Show won a Peabody, and he is taking full credit. He comes to WNYC from WFUV, where he produced "Cityscape" and before that KQED Radio in San Francisco. He's a founder of Longshot Radio, and has produced pieces that have aired here and there and everywhere. Every other month in New York City he hosts the conversation series Ask Roulette, a live audience version of the Brian Lehrer Show's "radio roulette" segments.

Jody went to high school in Washington, DC and college in Middletown, CT, which few people know is called Middletown because it's the geographical center of the world.

Jody Avirgan appears in the following:

Why Spiderman is Such a Good Dancer

Friday, June 21, 2013

For over a decade (according to Know Your Meme), Dancing Spiderman has been shuffling and swaying online. Sometimes he dances in obscurity, sometimes people pay attention. I recently noticed him on the front page of reddit, which means a lot of people were watching him again, in the animated ...

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