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Lu Olkowski

Lu Olkowski used to work a stressful and boring job at a huge cable television channel. She would listen to the radio and think, "that sounds like a lot more fun." Lu produced her very first radio story for Studio 360: it was about an artist who sent the sound of vaginal contractions into deep space to communicate with aliens. She immediately become a regular contributor.

Her profile of documentary director Zana Briski won a Gracie Award in 2006. Lu has also produced stories for All Things Considered, Day to Day, Radio Lab, This American Life, and Weekend America. Her radio work has been honored by the American Women in Radio & Television, the international competition New York Festivals, the literary magazine The Missouri Review and the Third Coast International Audio Festival.

Lu Olkowski appears in the following:

Ally's Choice

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Producer Lu Olkowski brings us the story of a tightly-knit family caught on opposite sides of a very big divide. If you ask Ally Manning's mom and sister, they'll tell you there's no question: they're black. But as a teenager, Ally decided that what was true for them didn't make sense for her.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Humans love to solve problems. This hour, Diagnosis -- our attempt to find out what's wrong, and give it a label.

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Putting Together the Puzzle

A young woman's apartment goes up in flames and a dashing young man saves the day! But to firefighter Louis Garcia, evidence at the scene didn't quite add least, they didn't quite add up to that. He hunts down the source of the blaze.

Family X ...

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The modern search for the fountain of youth, and personal stories of witnessing death.

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