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Micah Loewinger

Micah Loewinger is a producer for On The Media, where he’s learning to use fewer adverbs. Brooke’s interview with cognitive linguist George Lakoff after the 2016 presidential election and an hour on the war on drugs are among his proudest contributions to the gilded OTM pantheon.

Before stumbling into a job at OTM, Micah interned for NPR Music, Radiolab, Soundcheck, WNET’s Great Performances, and Bush Radio in Cape Town, South Africa, the continent’s oldest community-run station. Everything he knows about this medium he learned from the best frickin’ college radio station in the world, WNYU 89.1FM, where he served as Program Director, made janky radio documentaries, and interviewed James Chance, Swamp Dogg, King Tuff, White Fence, Jerry Casale of DEVO, Lenny Kaye of Patti Smith Group, and many other musicians and artists. Catch him as an erratic host of the 60’s-70’s experimental psychedelic radio show, Plastic Tales From the Marshmallow Dimension.

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Primatologist Frans de Waal weighs in on Harambe

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

If you listened to our Morality episode this week, you may be wondering what primatologist Frans de Waal has to say about the recent events at the Cincinnati Zoo. 
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