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We're teaming up with dance company Pilobolus

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pilobolus Pilobolus

Pilobolus is a modern dance company of many talents--including sculpting with shadow and bending light into unbelievable images. Their performances are insanely riveting, choreographed puzzles that turn the stage into a playground for the imagination. And they'll be teaming up with us for Radiolab Live: In the Dark! Our first full performances will be in Berkeley, CA on November 3rd and 4th, and we can't wait.

The show will be an exploration of what it feels like to be In the Dark, from one astronaut's harrowing experience floating through space, to the contrasting realities described by two blind men, to the dawn of sight and the evolution of the eye. Pilobolus dancers will illuminate the way, along with comedian Demetri Martin and musician Thao Nguyen, who will score the show live.

It's going to be a night of science, storytelling, dance, music, and laughter. Tickets are available here:

Radiolab Live: In the Dark is part of the Bay Area Science Festival--check out the full schedule of events at

And check out this Pilobolus video for a peek at some of their mind-bending moves:


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Comments [11]

Pat March from Poulsbo, WA


I just bought tickets to see you in Seattle next month (Aug 2012).
I can't wait.
I saw Pilobolus maybe 30 years ago in San Francisco--breathtaking. And combining Radio Lab with them?? I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to it. And to seeing Thao Nguyen (whom I don't yet know).

Just counting the days....!
Thank you for visiting Seattle.

Jul. 17 2012 09:48 PM
NanĂ¼r from Germany

Wow I just watched the video and I am absolutely stunned by this short performance. I hope to catch the next show if they happen to be in Europe!

Nov. 06 2011 06:25 AM
Dan Miller from Berkeley, CA

Fantastic, fantastic show last night. Great job translating the radio show to stage without it just being two guys talking. (Comedy! Dancers! Music!) Thanks tons. Come back soon.

Nov. 05 2011 01:00 PM
Ben Tremper from Oakland, CA

The show was incredible! Thank you.

Nov. 05 2011 12:47 PM

The Show was Great... Still loving it! Thank you!

Nov. 04 2011 02:10 PM

Does anyone knows whether the show in Berkeley this week is appropriate for a 6-year-old?

Nov. 02 2011 03:33 PM
Aaron Smith from Sydney, Australia

You guys should definitely come and do some live shows in sydney, australia. It would be so amazing.

Oct. 31 2011 06:04 PM
Patricia from Portland, OR

Oh! I hope you come to Portland with this!!

Oct. 31 2011 12:54 AM

Cannot wait to see you guys live @ Berkeley! I will be there in my Radio Lab shirt :D :D

Oct. 30 2011 07:41 PM
maria from los angeles

any chance you can head down to LA while you're here? LUV'ed your symmetry show while you were here...would love to see 'in the Dark', too, but don't think i can make it from LA to SF in time for the show. :(


Oct. 26 2011 06:39 PM
Brit McGinnis from Eugene, OR, USA

Finally! The more art-science demonstrations, the better (says the gal who has a Limbic System dance choreographed out...).

Oct. 26 2011 06:30 PM

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