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Brooklyn: Radiolab Live June 26 & 27

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jad and Robert on stage for Radiolab Live: In the Dark Jad and Robert on stage for Radiolab Live: In the Dark (WNYC)

Radiolab Live is heading back home to New York City!  Tickets are now on sale.  Come explore the miracle of sight, step inside the minds of two blind men, and relive a heart-stopping spacewalk with an astronaut.  Tickets start at $35.


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Comments [21]

Jansen from Long Island

Will pay double price for 2 tickets. Email me at

Jun. 18 2013 07:00 AM
Amelia from Brooklyn

Hey all looking for tickets, my friend and I just walked up to the box office last night and they had a few to spare. We sat in mezzanine, third row - awesome seats. The show is definitely worth it. Good luck!

Jun. 27 2012 04:39 PM
Stephen from New York

I have a spare ticket for Wednesday night. Mail me at Stephen at catsnake dotcom

Jun. 26 2012 01:22 PM
Zak Elmanakhly

If anyone has 2 tickets to offer for tonight or tomorrow at face value please let me know.

Jun. 26 2012 11:03 AM
Concerned from New York

Jad, I get that you want to show your support for Jonah Lehrer, so posting your opinion on it makes sense. But not allowing comments suggests that only your opinion matters, and makes RadioLab look more like a personal endeavor rather than NPR sponsored programing. Lehrer has admitted that he made mistakes. And there has been a suggestion (as found in print by Edward Champion) that Lehrer not only self-plagiarized, but he directly borrowed from Malcolm Gladwell's, “The Formula,” published in The New Yorker, in 2006.

As far as not allowing comments on your opinion, you make your opinion the only one that matters. I personally enjoyed Lehrer's segments. And right or wrong, if Lehrer regurgitated a lot of his own material, we've all benefited from it. But not allowing dissent seems to be a poor choice on your part. It also sends the wrong message to young people, who in this age of quick access to the intellectual property of others, may find it increasingly difficult to overcome the urge to use the work of others, without proper citation.

Jun. 25 2012 01:35 AM
Diana from New York City


I found out about this event too late to purchase a ticket. If anyone is selling a ticket for Wednesday's show, please contact me at!

I'll purchase them at face value.

Jun. 22 2012 08:48 PM
nate from 10010

I am looking for two to the Tuesday show... email me!

Jun. 20 2012 10:02 PM
CG from Manhattan

I'm looking to buy two tickets (will pay face value) for the Wednesday (6/27) show. Please, if anyone is selling contact me at:

Thanks so much!

Jun. 20 2012 03:05 PM
JB from the neighborhood

If anyone has two tickets that may go unused, send me an email ( I'll pay face and would love to use them, particularly for the Wed show.

I'm not picky about seats, just a dude that missed out before they stopped selling online.

Jun. 19 2012 10:35 PM
Enrique from Virginia from Virginia

Why Tuesday and Wednesday? Who is it that can go to a show in the middle of the week? Don't you have jobs? Please have a show in the DC metro area (DMV)or on a weekend when I can travel. If you have a show in the DC area, on a weekend, with Thao Nguyen, well... I would be most appreciative.

Jun. 19 2012 07:33 PM
Jonathan from Brooklyn

Hi Sara,

I would love to buy a couple of your tickets if you havne't yet gotten rid of them.

Jun. 19 2012 10:17 AM
Rose, aka Big Fan from nyc

2 girls who listened to your show in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay together are trying very hard to score tickets---BAM not selling online right now -- please advise where to purchase:) Will go to great lengths...

Jun. 19 2012 09:39 AM
Sara Freedenfeld from Astoria, NY

I bought 4 tickets to this show, and I am SOO sad I can't make it. Please let me know if you need tickets. I would be happy to sell them to you!

Jun. 18 2012 04:32 PM
Davis Anderson

I learned about the event here in NYC way too late, if anyone knows of anyone who is unable to use their tickets, just let me know. I'll happily compensate them.

Jun. 14 2012 10:15 AM
Sera L. from new jersey

are the two days the same exact show or will they be different?
do you recommend we go both days?
either way, i'm psyched!

Jun. 11 2012 01:08 AM
Timothy Curran from Holyoke , MA

This show makes traveling long distances in an old Honda Accord a breeze - I really love the show .

Jun. 07 2012 12:09 AM

Is Demetri Martin performing at this show?

Jun. 05 2012 07:59 PM

Just got my ticket, so excited!

Jun. 03 2012 03:31 PM
Evangeline Warren from NYC

I just got tickets! I'm sooooo excited to go! I can't wait :)

Jun. 02 2012 04:03 PM
Veda Partalo from brooklyn!

yes! can't wait to see this live.

May. 23 2012 05:49 PM
Andrew from New York, NY

Got my tickets! Row G, hollah!

May. 23 2012 03:43 PM

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