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To get things started, Jad ris fascinated by the first paragraph of an article by Mary Roach, in which she makes a bold claim about a daring attempt to provide proof that there is life after death. She tells us the story of Thomas Lynn Bradford and his journey to the other side.

Then, producer Sean Cole introduces us to a mysterious young woman with a beguiling smile who turned up in Paris near the end of the 19th century. She became a huge sensation--even though she happened to be dead. You'd probably recognize her face yourself. You might have even touched it.

BBC producer Jeremy Grange tells the story of this face, known simply as "L'inconnue de la Seine" (the unknown woman of the Seine), and how it found its way into living rooms across Europe...until a toy maker in Norway realized it would be the perfect face for a new dummy he creating to help a doctor teach his new method for saving lives: CPR.

Asmund Laerdal with Resusci Anne

Asmund Laerdal, a toy maker in Norway who developed a dummy to help doctor Peter Safar teach CPR, with the doll Resusci Anne.

L'inconnue & Resusci Anne

L'inconnue (wiki commons) and Resusci Anne (Phil_Parker/flickrCC-BY-2.0)

Read more:

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Jeremy Grange, Tore Laerdal and Mary Roach

Produced by:

Sean Cole

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Dallas Dixon from Fairbanks

Still can't figure out how to read or share this story.

Oct. 20 2016 10:32 PM
Dallas Dixon from Fairbanks

Very interesting story! I had to leave my vehicle so I didn't hear the end but you had me for the whole drive to Nenana!

Oct. 20 2016 10:27 PM

Myf riend said that this story is scary. How do people get scary at scary stories.... I have a question for the people is in this story; isn't this story that you are doing, is scary to you.......

May. 11 2016 04:21 PM

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