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And the Winner Is...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 08:20 PM

The Halloween Costume Contest tallies are in!

For their impeccable design and playful take on the recent buzz that there may be a second Mona Lisa, Theresa Santanglo and Matt are the winners with their depiction of a pair of lesser known works of Da Vinci.

We're not sure if Vitruvian Matt was able to grab his own beverages, or if Mona Theresa had to stay enigmatically half-grinning all night, but we would have loved to see them in person. I for one, would have asked the famous drawing to do jumping jacks.

Thanks to everyone for submitting. A scroll-through the rest of the submissions is worth it if you're ever in the mood for a wonderland of stunning creations from dreamy wild things, decked out drummer girls, big birds, women in binders, and some of the most cute-as-a-button kid costumes you've ever seen. If kidnapping via web-slideshow was possible 'firefly' would be all mine.

Creepy? Time to go. A listener suggested next year we do a PUMPKIN carving context, and we love the idea. So think on that for next year.

Happy Shortweek.

And in the meantime, we can't resist posting a few more of our favorite costumes here:


Pixelated Man costume
David Brown
Pixelated Man (An optical illusion achieved so simply.)
Feathered Dino costume
Feathered Dino (We were positively smitten with this one! Mega points for crafts.)
Jellyfish costume
Kelly Duckert
Jellyfish (Structured out of a sombrero. Glowstick and taser included.)
Paper Plate Chameleon costume
Paper Plate Chameleon (Entirely hand-crafted out of paper cups, plates and bowls. Plus party blower as roll-out tongue. Stacy rulez.)
Intestines costume
Rebecca Marino
Intestines (Icky-mazing! We love her intestinal vogue.)
Retired Superman costume
Thad Halcli
Retired Superman (Reminding us that no one can escape the passage of time. This old man of steel even come complete with an AARP card. Heh heh.)

Brainstorm costume

(Nice pun. Extra points for your self-deprecating imagining that everywhere you walked you got pelted with rotten fruit. As my friend Alison always said, "I like a good pun. But I like a bad pun even more.")

Schrödinger's Cats costumes
Megan Hill
Schrödinger's Cats (A clever way to sciencify that old Halloween standby.)


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Comments [2]

John from Indiana

I have finally solved the age-old mystery of Mona Lisa's enigmatic half-smile: On the day that Leonardo was painting the details of her face, the great artist's fly was open.

Dec. 14 2012 06:29 AM
Margo from Atl

I found radiolab by "accident"on the radio. I just was so excited to hear your interview with Chuck Close, it was so amazing, that I wanted to hear it over and over so I would not miss anything. Looking foward to more amazing info!!!!

Dec. 03 2012 10:05 PM

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