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The History Of Mankind In Five Words, And Other Things Reza Knows

Monday, March 11, 2013 - 01:49 PM

Here are some of the things Reza Farazmand knows. He knows how we dream.


Poorly Drawn Lines

He knows how we hurt ...


Poorly Drawn Lines

He knows how little we know.


Poorly Drawn Lines

And, in his sly way, he knows about imagination ...


Poorly Drawn Lines

He is the young author of a thrice-weekly 'toon called Poorly Drawn Lines, (which I suppose they are if he were working for Rembrandt, but he's not.) What he's doing is more like a minimally drawn (and wonderfully written) reflection of what it's like to be alive and 25 right now. He chooses topics that make me nod, smile and hurt a little, like this one, which makes fun of our War on Drugs campaign. It's a small meditation on dangerously addicted snails ...

Poorly Drawn Lines

When I wrote Reza to ask permission to republish some of these cartoons, he told me that last Friday he walked away from his day-job and this week — today, actually — after more than a year of doing this part time, he's going all out. This is his first day as a full time, self-employed cartoonist. So Happy Beginning of the Rest of Your Life, Reza. I have this feeling this is going to work out.

To visit Poorly Drawn Lines, go here. To experience the drama and excitement of space travel, go here. To reflect on the small cruelties of humankind, go here. To explore the subtleties of Darwinian evolution, go here.


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