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Science Fair Glory

Friday, April 26, 2013 - 10:30 AM

Radiolabbers Soren Wheeler and Brenna Farrell at the White House Science Fair 2013

On Monday, Soren and I suited up to go check out the White House Science Fair.

We met a bunch a of really smart, really charming kids (click on the individual photos for captions and more info):

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The highlight of the day was getting to test drive a bike-powered water sanitation system designed by Payton Karr and Kiona Elliot. Soren really did some good work there -- because later in the day, the Wheeler-approved rig got a workout from President Obama:

This was top-notch stuff -- tables and tables of really impressive displays. All of it was light-years ahead of the balloon-powered beer can pontoon boat I built back in the day (but still, that boat ruled...). And that got me and the rest of the Radiolab team wondering -- who else out there has a science fair project that stole their heart?



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clarence ross from t walton beach florida

I would like to attend a radio lab in Washington d.c.

Apr. 05 2014 01:45 PM
Mark from Los Angeles

Let's keep one thing in mind with today's crazy world of high-end science fairs: many of these kids do outstanding work, but many of the most advanced ones have highly ambitious parents who are themselves often scientists or have a scientific background. They tend to get really involved in their kids' projects, at the very least in the conceptual phase. If you want to play in the big league of high-end science fairs you have to hire coordinators (to help with the planning) and/or science fair coaches (who are real scientists and specialists in their fields) to give your project an edge over the competition. We have seen ambitious parents take detailed pictures of every advanced display at some of the local fairs, We know of (scientist) parents who tried to get on the judging panels of some prestigious fairs, just to scout out the competition and winning concepts for their kids a year in advance. - It has become insane. - And yes, we've seen a team from our former school also make it to the White House fair. And while the students did work very hard, all of the above tools were used to get there.

May. 01 2013 02:48 PM

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