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Timeline: Blood Spills Into Culture

Thursday, August 08, 2013 - 04:00 PM

Blood transfusion technology has sparked controversy, fueled artistic imagination, and generated religious beliefs. And it's also offered good fodder for pop culture.

While researching for our Blood episode, we came across some golden nuggets which we gathered up into a timeline of our favorite bits of radio, song, video, media, and pet love (puppies!). Our personal favorite might be the song from '56... Check it out below, and tell us if you find other gems we should add!

(Click the right and left sides of the timeline to navigate. Or click here to ZOOM.)

Bonus track: in a slide for 1939, we point to a radio dramatization of the past year (1938) in news. For many of the listeners tuned into that program, it would have been the first time they heard a reference to a "blood bank." The link in our timeline takes you to an hour-long piece of audio, but if you want to get straight to the bloody good stuff, here's the key two-and-a-half minute excerpt:

News: New York Advances (January 01, 1939)

The timeline was created with Timeline JS. Thanks to NYC Municipal Archives and the WNYC Archives for the audio clip -- you can hear the full audio here.


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