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Mojave Road

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Finally, producer Ben Adair takes us on a tour of the Mojave desert and, in the process, confronts his own brevity in the face of geological time.


Ben Adair

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John from US

This is fluff

Jan. 08 2016 02:16 PM
Olivia Pontiff from New Orleans

Where can I find the acoustic music that plays after the Marta bit? Is his name Sunny Two Feathers?

Oct. 05 2015 05:11 PM
Gabe from Bremerton, WA

For some further background on Marta Becket and the Amargosa Opera House, I feel that it's important to note that Marta did not create the theater and hotel herself. Marta was married to a man named Tom Williams, a former ad man from New York city. Marta and Tom created the Amargosa together, though this is becoming less and less The Official Story. Google "'Tom Williams'+'Amargosa Opera House'" and you will find references such as this: "She developed a repertoire for solo concerts and began touring in 1955. During this time she met Tom Williams who became her husband and manager. While traveling through Death Valley in 1967, Becket and Williams came across the Amargosa Hotel, which they had first seen in 1964. On this visit, Marta Becket discovered Corkhill Hall... In August 1967, Becket and Williams took over Corkhill Hall which Becket renamed the Amargosa Opera House. While they renovated the theatre and hotel together... Through the efforts of Becket and Williams, the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel were named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1981" (Linked 8NOV11 from I mention this only because it is a shame that Tom Williams' efforts are being erased from The Official Record where, in fact, he was central to the building and running of the operation, Marta as the star and Tom as the behind the scenes logistics and promotion. Honestly, my hat is off to Marta for her many years of devotion to the theater and I wish her the best for many years to come.

Nov. 09 2011 01:39 AM
Linda Y. from Los Angeles, CA

Danielle, Marta Becket's opera house is called Amargosa - you can find more information on the website at

You should also check out the documentary Amargosa which is being streamed on Netflix:

Nov. 08 2010 07:06 PM
danielle mccullough from los angeles

Do you have any pictures of Marta Brennan's Masquerade, or directions to her theatre? I would really love to attend, but cannot find her.

Dec. 10 2008 02:04 PM

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