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The Others... who are slipping away

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What can we know about the mind of someone who is just glimpsing death? Ron Rosenbaum describes two alternate endings to Shakespeare's 'Hamlet,' and he and actor Mark Rylance explain the significance of four wordless sounds.

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Fred Ubaldo, Jr. from San Diego

I recall a news story, published just after Steve Jobs passed. His family reported that that when Steve died, his last words -- to no one in particular -- were, "Oh, wow!...Oh, wow!...Oh, wow!"

Jun. 15 2014 02:23 AM
Margie Bernard

The 'o's of Hamlet are reminiscent of what happened to a playwright, director friend of mine who was dying at his home in the Hollywood Hills of pancreatic cancer. The last week of his life he was in a silent drug induced coma. Except for one afternoon when he sat up, eyes closed and said: Wow! Wow! Wow! Push! Push! Push!

Finished, he laid back down. At that moment I felt that somewhere in this world a baby was being born who inherited the soul of my friend, Yabo Yablonsky.

Jan. 04 2013 11:35 AM
John from NYC-LES

OMG! Hamlet died?!?! I haven't seen it yet - SPOILER!!

Jan. 03 2013 08:58 PM

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