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Juana Molina

Monday, May 04, 2009 - 08:30 PM

Juana Molina on stage Juana Molina on stage (blmurch/flickr/CC-BY-2.0)

Sometimes on the podcast, we like to talk about musicians and the music they make. Today we introduce you to Juana Molina. Last season we used some of her of music in the breaks for the Sperm show. We received an outpouring of email asking about her music, so this podcast is for those curious listeners who wrote in and for those who haven't heard about her ... until now.


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Comments [57]

Al from Hollywood

Oh my gosh. Wow, what an amazing experience it was to listen to that show. I know you said you couldn't, but it's been a few years so maybe things have changed...please, please release Jad's remix! Or just send it to me privately haha!! Truly amazing!!!

Feb. 02 2017 12:59 AM
Ralph from Los Angeles

Wow! Remix was awesome

Dec. 25 2012 07:47 PM

thanks for introducing us to juana. great music indeed. we can only hope that one day she'll allow you to release the remix. twas brilliant!!

Aug. 05 2011 02:02 AM
Jared from Vancouver, B.C.

Listening to Jad's remix right now on friskyRadio! Awesome!

Nov. 02 2010 06:34 PM

She's perfect. Thank you!

Sep. 30 2010 05:43 PM
Tomasz Stasiuk

Ok, sorry. I see that that has already been answered in the negative. [Boo!]

Great show though!

Jul. 12 2010 12:59 PM
Tomasz Stasiuk

Seriously, where can we get Jad's remix!?!

Jul. 12 2010 12:58 PM

Fell in love with this music. Thanks!

Oct. 01 2009 10:36 PM

Hey folks
Its awesome to hear that all of you really enjoyed listening to the amazing Juana Molina. A lot of you asked about getting your hands on Jad's remix. Unfortunately due to some copyright restrictions, we cant release that :(

RadioLab team

Jun. 16 2009 12:51 PM
David Strait

OK Jad.... I never heard of Juana until I listened to your podcast last week. I now own two of her albums and expect to own more soon. Are you going to speak to her about releasing your remix? It was great!!! I'd love to her the entire remix.

Jun. 14 2009 02:01 AM
arum chun

I LOVE JAD'S REMIX OF UN DIA. it has very atmospheric radio-lab background music quality to it. i heard the remix in the middle of a run, making my run extra amazing!! is there anywhere we can find JAD'S MIX??? Please?

Jun. 02 2009 03:45 PM
tom kunesh

not much of a new music head, so i sure appreciate the heads-up at 5am while i'm driving - like discovering a new Laurie Anderson.

and i agree with everybody else:
Where can we find Jad’s remix? !!

May. 30 2009 08:28 AM
Michelle Padget

I just want to say THANK YOU so much for the music episodes (at first I was kind of skeptical). I've been too busy (lazy?) to really research music on my own, and I would probably have completely missed out on Zoe Keating and Juana Molina were it not for you. It would have been a terrible shame, because I bought 2 albums from each artist and they've really helped enrich my life.

Keep up the great work! I love your show and am looking forward to a new season!

May. 22 2009 12:20 PM

I've been loving Juana's music for quite a while now - she cuts right to my core. And Jad's remix killed - post a copy NOW!

May. 21 2009 11:25 PM

This music cut right into my soul! I'm actually hiding tears from co-workers walking by my cube. Thanks so much for sharing :)

May. 19 2009 02:37 PM
Brenden Shepard

Lab withdrawals. Where are you guys? Jad, you rock. I would love your version of Juana's remix. You are correct, she is phenomenal. I really love that you shared this with us!

May. 18 2009 06:51 PM

Thanks for the wonderful introduction to Juana Molina. her music has entranced me. I would also like thank Radio Lab for introducing us to some amazing music as well. It would be interesting to see a playlist of Jad's top 25. Be well & thank you again for your creative & passionate perspective on the world.

May. 16 2009 05:12 AM

Great show, Jad. I mean every episode! And this one especially. I had heard Juana Molina's name but was not familiar with her music. Now I have purchased a couple of her albums and am completely enraptured. What beautiful music she makes.

First you got me hooked on Stars of the Lid. Then Zoe Keating. Now Juana Molina. Both have helped remind me how much I like contemporary music. I've even loaded Logic Express and SooperLooper for the first time in ages, and have begun playing around with my own attempts to commit music. Thanks for putting this show together!

May. 14 2009 10:31 PM

I love the phrase looping technology. I use one on my live shows. Check out Andrew Bird another amazing looper

May. 14 2009 06:34 PM
Emily Halderman

Excellent! Thanks for such an extensive response to the post comments. I really think we live in a golden age of audio production thanks to the doors thrown open by all the new/inexpensive digital tools now available. In the hands of someone as ridiculously talented as Juana Molina, these new technologies enable audio alchemy. Bravo!

May. 14 2009 02:28 PM
Joe A

Lovely photograph to accompany the piece. It shows Juana Molina alone in a sea of black. Illustrates that, from what we learn in the audio, she works alone.

On the other hand, Jadd's mix, and RadioLab for that matter, is highly collaborative.

I'll have to listen to the show where Jadd dukes it out with Robert over audio vs video. In this case, photo adds something, but I do not think it could stand alone. I would not have guessed Juana is Latin, and I definitely get that from her voice and music.

When I listen to Jadd's mix, I think Enya.

May. 14 2009 01:02 PM

Blah...Blah...Blah...another remix of a past show..Gee just like Zoe Keating... another sad radiolab

May. 13 2009 11:09 PM

Thanks for turning me on to Juana! She is fantastic. I bought her album last night and have been listening to her all day. Love your show! continued success to you and Robert.

May. 12 2009 08:35 PM

I find it rare for me to become so engaged and enthralled by a new performer. But within 5 seconds, my soul was captured. I was on a 10 mile walk listening to your podcast. I replayed the podcast 5 times. Without sounding cliche, this was a home run! Thank you for introducing me to such a soul stirring experience.

May. 11 2009 03:20 PM

After listening to this podcast I bought Juana Molina's album and listened to it this morning during my commute. While waiting on the subway platform in Washington DC I thought it would be really cool if everyone started dancing to this music. Well, wouldn't you know a young man did just that! He didn't have any ipod but he just started moving in rhythm to "Un Dia". Then on the train someone actually wished me a good day... now that never happens in Washington DC on a Monday morning! That music is magical!

May. 11 2009 12:38 PM
Dave P

Love the podcast, but I love the remix of Un Dia even more! Beautiful work, Jad Any chance that this might get posted/is posted somewhere? I'd love a copy of it!
Keep up the great work guys!

May. 11 2009 08:44 AM

Jadd! Are you going to post a clean copy of the remix so we can listen to it without you and Krulwich doing an outro at the end?

FANTASTIC podcast... I LOVE that you guys are doing these in between the actual episodes. These informal subjects are great while we wait for a new season.

May. 10 2009 05:01 PM

I've always loved Juana Molina's music - this episode was a nice surprise.

I absolutely loved the remix of Un Dia, Jad! Is there any way you could post it here to download?

Thanks for a great show as always, I'm looking forward to the next one!

May. 10 2009 04:50 AM

Wow, thanks for turning me on to Juana Molina. She's great, and I've been looking for some cool music in Spanish.

The remix of Un Dia is awesome! Any chance you could post it so I can put it in a playlist without having to edit the podcast?


May. 09 2009 07:35 PM
Peter Chester

Jad, you're killing me man! I live for the kind of goose bumps i got listening to this episode!

What blows my mind is how i felt like Juana was speaking my mind.

My ambition has always been to spend my days playing music. Somehow I've convinced myself that that is not a rational primary plan so I've been spending the majority of my time working.

The kicker is that the music that I like to make is in many ways very similar.

My friend Rob and I wrote custom software in 2000 to let us record and play with loops live. Sort of a live production / looping software that we called the cuisNart.

We are now in the midst of writing a new album. The process is very similar in its constraints to Juana's. However our approach to those constraints is a little different.

We start with one or more drum loops to queue a rhythm. Then work off of the beats.

Then we build up a mountain of sounds and weave in and out of the pile of sounds and loops.

Now we're experimenting with collaborative song writing for the same reason that Juana makes lyrics.... so she has something to sing.

What we've been doing is sending our songs out to friends, my blog, and to our facebook site (just set it up the other day) and asking people to write commets while listening to the music on a general topic such as "Ways to Travel" or "Scents that Make you Smile".

The plan is to take the comments, compile them into lyrics and remix the tracks with the lyrics. I was also toying with the idea of actually taking recordings of the comments from the people them selves and having the resulting songs be blends of the various voices.

We're releasing an average of two remixes per month though i've only started posting them online recently.

It's always been a dream of mine to play for one of your shows. I'll ping you again when the next album is ready :)

Thank you for making so many people, smile, love, and contemplate. Your show means a lot to me.


May. 09 2009 03:36 PM

I really love Juana's music.
I think Un Dia's remix is awesome, surely Juana would like it very much.
Thank you.

May. 09 2009 01:43 PM

I promptly went to iTunes and bought Juana Molina's latest cd. I've been listening to in non-stop. Thank you for introducing me to her music.

May. 09 2009 01:57 AM

I love the fact that you guys do these mini podcasts--it makes it easier to be patient between seasons.
I really enjoyed Juana Molina's music and the interview. I would have loved to hear her reaction if you had actually had her listen to the way you used her music in your sperm show. She might have liked it!

May. 08 2009 07:20 AM

Yet again, another great episode! Juana's music really reminded me of Imogen Heap. Here's a cool video of Imogen doing a live show:


May. 07 2009 05:46 PM


(BTW: the better translation of "Le Poisson Rouge" would be "The Goldfish".)

May. 07 2009 03:36 PM

Me too! would love to get my hands on Jad's remix.

May. 07 2009 11:05 AM

"Entire symphonies of just her... with this looping box". This is quite imaginative and the result is great. The remix is also interesting. It's quite inspiring and great to listen with earphones.
Quebec City

May. 07 2009 09:03 AM

not sure what i liked best, the music or her story. bravo for juana for following her heart with such beautiful results!

ps just to correct your franglais: although the word-for-word translation of "le poisson rouge" into english is "the red fish", it actually means "the goldfish". so now i have taught you something for a change. :)

May. 07 2009 03:13 AM
Lulu Bee

Loved her music....I'm a fan! This Radio Lab episode reminds me of the Zoe Keating episode...very similar, haunting, looping sounds.

May. 06 2009 04:16 PM
Ellen Horne

Mark, sorry for the lack of info on the site, we're working on it. The next radio broadcast season isn't until the fall. WNYC will be airing the shows after labor day, and then season 7 is due out in the spring. Stay tuned - we'll put out some more info on the web in late May or June.

May. 06 2009 04:05 PM

couldn't believe my eyes when i saw that you guys did a showlet on juana molina - i've been digging her for the past several months.

insensible has been on repeat on my computer and in my head for the past month or so - SOOOOO beautiful! she has such a liquid crystal voice.

btw, if anyone has the song and speaks french, would you translate and post.

ridiculous that i'm drawn to the only [?] song of hers that's not in spanish.

again, cheers! brilliant idea! :)

May. 06 2009 03:55 PM
marc Cardwell

thanks for this! i just sent the link to her site to two friends. beautiful music.

May. 06 2009 03:05 PM

What is the song played around 6:30??? I can't find it anywhere! Thank you guys for introducing your audience to Juana!

May. 06 2009 12:14 PM

Hey! The remix is really great! I would love to be able to download an mp3 of the full version!

May. 06 2009 10:57 AM

Hey Ellen -- maybe Ben was asking about the hour-long shows, I don't know, but I am asking about them -- is there an scheduled release date for the next season?

Please don't get the impression that I (or perhaps Ben) undervalue the production work invested in each hour-long episode -- there just isn't any information on this website about when to expect the next season, so I come to the blog and ask, when?

No big deal if there's no date yet... just curious, anxious fans.

May. 06 2009 12:00 AM
Prent Rodgers

Terrific remix. Wonderful textures and graceful blending of sections. This was not something tossed off in a few hours. The colors blended beautifully. I had no idea you had such talent. Every day is a surprise, but this was special. Keep it up.

May. 05 2009 11:35 PM

I thought I will hear Juanas music, but at the end most of the time I was hearing a boring remix. What a stupid idea to remix music from Juana Molina! It is just like that beautiful and unique. You took all the fragility...

May. 05 2009 05:02 PM

Where can we find Jad's remix?

May. 05 2009 04:38 PM

Never underestimate the power of reverb!

May. 05 2009 03:23 PM

O! That was the best sock in the gut I've ever had. Juana Molina's music is such a gift - and thanks for the remix that got me up on my feet, dancing and crying with glee.

May. 05 2009 02:49 PM

Somewhere in the previous I meant to say "if you decide to get in a music career, and quit RadioLab...." It rather changes the meaning, so a second try, and append prev. message.

May. 05 2009 11:55 AM

Jad, I don't mean this to sound like the cliche; "don't quit your day job!" because I truly think your remix of Juana's song, and Juana's song itself are great pieces of music. But I would sure miss you if you quit RadioLab. (Robert is good on his own, but this show would never be the same.)

May. 05 2009 11:53 AM

Great podcast! Andrew Bird does a lot of composition using live looping as well, and it's just ridiculously cool. Check this out:

And hell yeah, Steven, The Books are one of the best things in the history of anything ever.

May. 05 2009 11:28 AM

Great podcast... her music and radiolab's sound go great together. Nice remix too. I love these music episodes!

May. 05 2009 10:53 AM

Ben, the Lab is right here! If you mean 'where are the hour long episodes?' I'm afraid those don't come off an assembly line!

May. 05 2009 10:01 AM

Where's the lab? Another 2 weeks?



May. 05 2009 01:31 AM

Great podcast - I love Juana! Jad, have you heard of The Books? I think you'd really like them.

May. 05 2009 01:07 AM

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