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The Parasite Hit List

Wednesday, September 09, 2009 - 10:10 AM

After releasing our Parasites episode we wanted to share some gloriously gross parasite videos that served to inspire us and Carl Zimmer. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Thanks to Carl Zimmer for all of the parasitic help!

Jewel Wasp and Cockroach

Schistosoma Mansoni Pair

Wasp and Caterpillar

More Parasite Videos From Carl Zimmer
Recommended video from Nature (these require downloads)
Discover's gallery of mind controlling parasites


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Comments [16]


Wow! Our Atlanta affiliate aired the show just recently. Definitely resulted in a driveway moment (more like minutes). My daughter in high school listened, too. Will have her send the program and the videos along to her biology teacher. Last night she reported that they are studying -- parasites!

Dec. 02 2009 12:50 PM
sam hayman

you guys are my heroes. If I could make my classroom as entertaining as your podcasts, Students would be begging to get in the class, not out. Can you do anything on weather patterns?

Nov. 15 2009 12:31 PM

This show made my daughter, 9, a radio-show lover! She listens to it repeatedly and laughs non-stop. Thank you for the off-beat and fantastic topics, put together with charm!

Oct. 27 2009 06:56 AM

Totally amazing! Thank you guys for rocking so freakin' hard!

Oct. 19 2009 09:52 AM

The guy selling Hookworms failed to mention he was selling them for $2,900. Maybe that's why people aren't knocking down his door. I'm about to take me a vacation and walk in some poo.

Oct. 14 2009 11:27 PM

Such an interesting article! There's so much to know about these creatures! For more interesting articles about parasites, infectious disease & public health check out these links.

Parasites on the Brain

& Mosquitoes diseases..

Sep. 25 2009 03:44 PM
Adam F.

Glad to see that Caryn H. beat me to posting the Botfly removal vid ( ) I went to college with that particular botfly hostess and am glad to see her putting out such quality videos on her Nature Break site, take a look at her other videos too, well worth it, just ask the good folks over at the NY Times, they'll agree!!

Sep. 22 2009 04:06 AM
hey! don't look here!

omg! gross! gross! gross! i don't know if i can have dinner 2night!

Sep. 21 2009 05:43 PM

Your pod cast inspired a couple doodles...


Sep. 14 2009 08:45 PM


Sep. 14 2009 03:19 AM

Ay, ay, ay! Yuck.

Sep. 11 2009 12:37 PM
Caryn H.

Oh boy oh boy! Botfly removal!

Sep. 10 2009 12:47 PM

My girliness is showing... kinda gross. Interesting, but gross ;)

Sep. 10 2009 09:32 AM

great topic. the part about the hookworms helping with allergy symptoms interest me the most. i'm going to do some more research on that myself. it would be great if i could get rid of my seasonal allergies.

Sep. 09 2009 09:35 PM

Here's another heroic parasite:

Sep. 09 2009 08:48 PM


I had no idea the caterpillar would cocoon and then protect the parasitic wasp larvae. That's wild!

Sep. 09 2009 10:58 AM

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