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Banana Hammer

Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 11:56 AM

What do you do when you have 20 minutes to kill while waiting for water to supercool?

You play with liquid nitrogen of course!

And, apparently, there's no better thing to throw in to a vat of that "steaming" brew than a whole banana. After about 10-15 minutes bubbling away, our banana came out so frozen, we used it to pound nails into wood. (We tried to deep freeze some toy horses, too, in keeping with our Lake Ladoga story, but they exploded, sigh.)

In the words of Robert Krulwich, "This could be a great cocktail -- a banana hammer."



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Comments [3]

Tam Leitch from Puyallup

Definitely should be related to the Screwdriver...

Mar. 31 2014 12:47 PM
David Roffey from Laurentian mountains, Canada.

Wonderful programme and great commentators. One beef: Please, please
pronounce your indefinite article "a" (uh) and not "ay". You are not alone in this pronunciation I know, but I do wish "AY" would disappear
from your American lexicon.

Gratefully, an old, very old, british English speaking old fart.

Mar. 29 2014 02:34 PM

'of course' - indeed.
'cocktail' - you should open another contest: what would be the contents of a Banana Hammer? given the 'Hammer' in the name it should result in something equivalent to a Pangalactic Gurgleblaster - with banana.

Mar. 28 2014 06:15 AM

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