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Behind the Scenes Video: Apocalyptical Scoring

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 06:00 PM

A quick dispatch from the road. Glenn Kotche and Darin Gray are on tour with us and they're insane. They make up the band On Fillmore, and Glenn also plays with Wilco. Each night, during the show, they create excellent noises to go along with our stories. Just before one of our Denver shows, I got out my phone and asked them to demonstrate how they do it. I edited together this little video while on the plane. Forgive my crappy technique, and the fact that I should have turned the phone sideways. This is why I work in radio.

Hope you enjoy!

Radiolab Live: Apocalyptical Info and tickets for our live show!


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Mar. 02 2015 02:17 PM
andrew from washington dc

Hey! Very cool sounds. Bonus: Even my 14-year old otherwise deaf dog appreciated it...So much that she got up and pee-ed at the front door as I played this. So there's that. No seriously, very cool.

Dec. 24 2013 08:00 PM

I was just at the Seattle show! I had a great time. The end was totally unexpected. I knew where the actor was going with his story when he talked about the loss movement on his left side. The scene left me sobbing in my seat as I too have Parkinson's. Having been recently diagnosed I have chosen to face it head on as well. I sing and I'm a Zumba instructor. Yes a whole lot of shaking going on!
Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for the show and thanks for raising Parkinson's awareness.

Nov. 23 2013 03:12 AM
Shase Hernandez

This video is great! At 2:20 could someone tell me what he is using on the double bass? I'm a composer and that just sounds fantastic!

Nov. 18 2013 12:39 AM
Robert Hedges from St. Louis

Yes! I keep checking the schedule with hopes that a St. Louis show would be added, but no such luck.

Nov. 16 2013 09:28 PM
John Powell from Ferguson, MO

Please come with On Fillmore to St. Louis!!!!!

Nov. 13 2013 07:50 PM

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