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The Boss of the Plains

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In the mid 1860s, John B. Stetson introduced a new hat to the American West, and it caught on like wild fire. But according to author Jonnie Hughes, the history of how and why the cowboy hat conquered the Plains is a lot more complicated than that -- and it says a lot about where ideas come from, and how they evolve.

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Jonnie Hughes, The Origin of Teepees

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Jonnie Hughes

Comments [2]

DNA from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Great story. Both nature and nurture seem to be the answer to how ideas and other things come about.

Nov. 02 2013 04:06 PM

I haven't listened to this part of this episode yet, but from the blurb it sounds a lot like the Contagious Ideas section of Season 10, episode 4 "Patient Zero." What gives? Is this an expansion on that idea, or is Radiolab beginning to repeat sections?

Oct. 31 2013 06:11 PM

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