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Teenage Ghostland

Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 05:00 PM

In our episode Memory and Forgetting, Neda Pourang brings us the story a lost memory's haunting power. 

Painter Joe Andoe incessantly paints huge canvasses of seemingly random images: horses, pastures, and a girl with a particular about-to-say-something look on her face. He didn't know why... until one day it hit him: he'd been painting a day from his past, a fragment of an afternoon 30 years earlier. You can listen to Joe's story below (it's about 10 minutes in if you want to skip ahead), and here are a few snapshots of his paintings in the meantime...


Copyright Joe Andoe, 2002

Copyright Joe Andoe, 1999

Copyright Joe Andoe, 2003

Copyright Joe Andoe, 2004

Copyright Joe Andoe, 1991

Read more about Joe Andoe and his work in his memoir Jubilee City.


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