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Season 13 | Episode 7

Looking Back

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The desire to trace our way back to the very beginning has lead to unprecedented discoveries. Today, three stories that give us a surprisingly intimate peek into the life, and death, of those who came before.


Lee Berger, Aaron Birk, Jim Dickson, Jenny Hollowell, Chris Stringer and Albert Zinc

An Ice-Cold Case

Scientists' obsession with one particular man. 

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The Skull

What kinds of creatures were out to get us way back when? 

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The History of Everything, Including You

The history not just of one couple, but everything that led to them -- distilled into a poetic crush.

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Barbara Metzinger from New Orleans

Questions: From the photos it looks like Otzi's fingernails are very long. Did they continue to grow post mortem or were they already that long.

The skin looks amazing. What was it's texture?

Thanks for a fascinating story.

Jul. 16 2016 03:34 PM
Guy Smiley

Is this podcast stopping about 3-minutes in for anyone else? I try to download it and the download fails too...

Feb. 03 2016 06:17 PM
Kevin from chicago

stay cool, tickle tickle

Oct. 05 2015 02:48 AM
Higgs Merino

Even with in the time constraints, you'all left more holes in that story than a cheese maker. If someone was there, they would not have left a prized, rare, valuable copper axe or even a useful knife. In other stories it is surmised he was murdered and the assailant was known to him, therefore could not take the axe back to the village.

Sep. 27 2015 05:02 PM

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