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(Claude Monet)

Gregory Warner, NPR's East Africa correspondent, tells the story of a brave Ethiopian reporter who asked U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry one very serious question that was seriously misunderstood.


Gregory Warner

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Steven Tempe from AZ, USA

"boarder" is Incorrect
it should be spelled

May. 14 2016 06:07 AM
Hailu Shawel from Ethiopia

More and more sons of farmer parents are being disobedient to their parents in Ethiopia which is making the Ethio-Eritrea boarder problem worse than it already is. Many sons are leaving their elderly parents to starve while they go in exile with no form of communication from their destination. Family councilors need to engage fully in dialogue between fathers and sons to stop this epidemic of communication break down within families of farmers in Ethiopia . Lack of communication between farmers and their children is fueling the severity of the drought. Many children are stopping any form of communication with their farmer parents which is leading to many societal , economical and political problems among Ethiopians. Sons of farmers within Ethiopia need to be heard to adrress the issue why the children of mostly farming families choose not to communicate with their own birth parents? Counciling and compromising is the only solution to reverse the severity of the problem within the the farming community which is almost the whole population of Ethiopia. The negative effect of the family break down is being exhibited heavily among Ethiopian society everyday.

Oct. 22 2015 10:18 PM
Paul from D.C.

@sloan, it was Vladimir Vysotsky and he was definitely NOT singing "You Are My Sunshine!" In fact, that particular lyric jerked me awake. I leave the translation to the site editors...

Feb. 23 2015 12:58 PM
Al from United States

As you might know, the most recent version of Apple's Siri has a feature where if the phone is plugged in, it listens all the time and activates if you say "Hey Siri." I was listening in the car and this feature was activated by the audio at about 7:00 in. Just a machine translation error... ;-)

Nov. 07 2014 04:31 PM
Zach from Austin

Sloan - can't be sure or find it, but it sounds an awful lot like Vladimir Vysotsky. I'm by no means an expert though...

Oct. 29 2014 02:31 PM
Azariya from Ethiopia

Hey Guys, What a great job covering something of this magnitude which means a lot to us Ethiopians in the struggle! My only disappointment, for a harsh word is that it due to the subject matter of translation, this feed may not get the attention it deserves. Im only hear because an American friend cited your feed. Thanks a bunch, none the less!

Oct. 28 2014 08:00 AM
Tracey from San Jose, California

I am so enjoying your piece on translation. This is the theme of so many hysterical family stories. We're a family of English, French, and German speakers through a variety of fortunate circumstances. The best stories arose from my darling mom working so hard to speak German to our landlord and landlady. Her faux pas include inadvertently :

- telling the landlord that we were using the spare bedroom for "prostitutes"
- explaining the the landlady she had purchases tombstones in which to plant the pansies
- Happily smiling and saying "How good" when the landlord explained that the mayor the village had died of cancer (she thought the mayor was having a fundraiser for cancer).

I also had a number of missteps myself living in England, but those were not strictly translation issues, moreover differences in dialect. All make for good laughter around the dinner table many years later.

Love the show! Thank you.

Oct. 25 2014 06:03 PM
sloan from New York, NY, USA

What was the song that was at the end of the section? it sounded like "you are my sunshine" in a different language.

Oct. 24 2014 01:36 PM

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