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Watch: Jad and Robert on Colbert

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 12:00 PM

Jad and Robert were guests on The Colbert Report on Monday, take a look:

Watch the full episode.


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Comments [34]

zakariya Hassouneh from floirda

I watch colbert alot and i hate to hear that his show is ending, he does a great job bringing in real talent and doing real interviews with them. He brinks knowledge and questions in a funny way, ive watch jad and roberts podcasts before and i like them alot. I look forward to waching/hearing some more of their podcasts.

Jan. 19 2015 08:26 PM
Christine from Delaware

Who can't love these guys?

Sep. 15 2014 01:09 PM
Ted McRae - TM the Gator Guy

Colbert showed great respect for both you as individuals and for Radio Lab. He did poke fun, but that is what makes his show so entertaining, but he also displayed an honest respect for Radio Lab and NPR.
I also have difficulty explaining RL to my friends, maybe Colbert's audience will produce some new listeners for Radio Lab.
I think any mention of public radio on tv is a good thing.

Sep. 09 2014 01:44 PM
Ted from Florida

I sure wish Colbert had given you guys more time to talk instead of using you guys as a wall off of which he bounced joke after condescending joke. It was good to see you, nonetheless.

Sep. 04 2014 02:10 PM
Pabo J. Roman from Round Rock, TX

The Kid that shouts SHARK at the begining makes me laught everytime
Please don't ever delete

Sep. 04 2014 11:18 AM

Guys, a very basic law of science keeps getting missed here, that just because there's one kind of thing, doesn't mean it's everything. Just because there's one kind of boy, or another kind of girl, there could in fact also be other "types".

How it applies to science is often a source of "rigid paradigms". For example, just because there's one mode of evolution, doesn't necessarily mean there aren't several modes, for example, just like there are several kinds of individually self-organized natural systems. Or, just because there's one kind of "mind over matter" for one kind of "experience of pain"... doesn't mean that all pain is described by it.

Aug. 30 2014 01:03 PM
MXC from Israel

Canada's mass all the way to the core = Earth's mass * Canada's area / Earth's surface area.

Aug. 16 2014 10:05 AM

This plugin is not supported.

Aug. 14 2014 12:41 AM
Brett (the CrossStuntry StuntMonkey) from Newington, CT

I would like to create an episode for RadioLab on;
"All The Ways To Learn To Ride A Bicycle" including The Best Way, How 'Balance' and 'Counter-Steering' Actually Work...

Please feel free to call me with/for more details and info on how we can collaborate...


Aug. 12 2014 01:33 PM
Harriette from Miami

What great fun! Terrific interview and thanks for your show.

Aug. 10 2014 03:07 AM
Chris from Tampa, FL

Radiolab is one of the most entertaining things I've ever come across, and I mean that as broadly as possible. It's wonderful, really.

I really didn't expect Steven Colbert to play the "Lets humor the NPR crowd, intellectual obscurity is funny" card the entire segment, or having to resort to rehashing his Oedipus spiel. Despite his character and the show's theme he's typically obligated to convey something true about who he's interviewing and why they're there. The only bone he threw was to Jad for his MacArthur grant, which, if I may address Jad here directly: Hi, huge fan, I'm super curious about what one does with a MacArthur genius grant. I'm sure I could Google that, but I'd much rather hear it told to me so professionally; its trippiness factor is something easily inferred

I'm nitpicking here, Colbert poked fun at Radiolab's sound design, which isn't offensive of itself at all; although what he failed to mention was how magnificent it really is. It's not only the icing on the cake, it's that special, super-awesome frosting you end up eating first.

I guess I'm just upset. Seeing the three of you at the same table was like introducing your best two friends to one another for the first time, and they just did not hit it off. Everything was going to be so great, dagnabbit.

Oh well.

Btw, I struggled with capitalizing "Google" back there. Non-capitalization bestows it with so much ubiquity, but properly capitalizing it just seems stylistically wrong. . The word's utility makes complete omittance a terrible option. There doesn't seem to be an easy answer here, the struggle is real.

Aug. 10 2014 12:13 AM
Parker H. from Canada

But really. How much does Canada weigh?

Aug. 09 2014 05:53 PM
Danelle from Richland, WA

Hilarious and enlightening, I love you guys.

Aug. 06 2014 12:48 PM
Michele O from Detroit

It's wonderful to see these guys in person after hearing their voices for so long!

Aug. 05 2014 11:44 PM

I just thought it was worth pointing out something interesting (to me, anyway!): I realize there was an element of facetiousness to the comment, but Robert's description of the "arc" of the show, in which they start with confusion/uncertainty, learn something along the way, and then end at confusion/uncertainty again, seems in fact to describe the whole process of science wonderfully. Nicely done, Robert!

Aug. 04 2014 06:46 PM

The weird thing for me was listening to you guys at normal speed. I listen to podcasts at 1.5x and usually everyone sounds a bit chipmunky :)

Jul. 31 2014 02:02 PM
Hajnalka from Eastern NC

Great job, guys! I loved this interview. Cannot wait for the "How Much Does Canada Weigh?" short ...

Jul. 30 2014 06:12 PM

Oh yes,.... the other detail, it's that we can arrange the questions to make it seem "only humans have consciousness"... yep ... but we can't arrange the questions to reach the conclusion that "only humans have images".

In fact, all other animals are observably using images as part of a very active learning and action choosing process. You can see it clearly in their "hunting and dodging" behaviors that they use to navigate an environment in original ways. They're following "instincts" if you like to call it that, but that's not "programming" but "combinations of both innate and learned search patterns".

That's pretty clear evidence of just about all animals having their own kinds of 'thinking'.

Jul. 26 2014 12:42 PM

Guys, you overlook an incredibly important fact, that it's not just "only humans" that can "do that" (change images of things at will)... It's also "only images" that can do that. We can't do that with things, only images can do that, giving you a place to explore the separation between imaginary and real.

We should look into that

Jul. 26 2014 12:35 PM
Luis Benito from San Dieg, CA

There seems to be something wrong with your pod-casts, I have tried to listen to several today and they all end abruptly without conclusion... Are you aware of this?

Jul. 24 2014 04:43 PM
Louis Porter

I have listened to a few dozen Radiolab shows over the past couple of years and I have often been impressed with the cogency of the topics covered. However, there has been a very important development in the sciences in the past few decades that has been roundly ignored by mainstream media, and which relates directly to some of your shows. As illustrated very clearly in "The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena," by Dean Radin, PhD, the establishment as fact (beyond even the tiniest shred of doubt) of those phenomena, by hundreds of experiments by dozens of researchers over many decades, this development has truly revolutionary implications, and has been seriously marginalized by what could accurately be called scientific dogma. If you guys really want to be on the cutting edge of science journalism, you will need to take a long, deep look into this.

Jul. 22 2014 09:35 PM

That was a great, fun to watch interview!

Jul. 22 2014 05:59 PM
laura nalle from moscow, idaho

Brilliant, as always.

Jul. 21 2014 10:35 PM
Grace from Plano, TX

Loved how you tried to explain your show to Colbert!

It sounded like when I try to explain the show to other people.

Amazing experiences have unexplainable qualities..... !!!! You Rock!

Jul. 21 2014 12:18 PM
prankster atom from Marijuana, CO

there is probably no connection between them doing the interview and me, right?

Jul. 21 2014 04:51 AM
patrick from Durban

We're sorry but the video is not available in your location. Pfffffttht!!!

Jul. 20 2014 03:07 PM
TR Jahns from Los Angeles

Here you get this forum (admittedly dicey) to promote the show and elevate the discussion on TV to at least the level of high school English and --pfft!--you let the air out of the intellectual balloon. I like the show, but you guys have to do better at articulating what your program is about when given such a golden opportunity.

Jul. 20 2014 02:31 AM
Brad Henggeler from Omaha, Nebraska

Huge fan of radiolab and of colbert. My mind can barely contain the indepth discussions of awe and wonder on one show, and of the satirical right-wing hilarity of the other. Both shows have one thing in common. After brain requires a nap!

Jul. 18 2014 04:42 AM
tuneks from Tunisia

not available in my country :/

Jul. 18 2014 03:57 AM
Renee Joyce from Newton, MA

When I saw that Jad and Robert were going to be talking to Stephen Colbert I was so ecstatic that I could hardly contain myself! These three gentlemen are all people who I love and greatly look up to, so getting to see them interact with each other and discuss interesting ideas (especially weighing Canada) was a dream come true.

Jul. 18 2014 12:32 AM
Sheri from Seattle, WA

I just saw this episode of Colbert, and I was so thrilled to see the interview! I kept closing my eyes when Jad and Robert were talking, because it was just too *trippy* to see their faces (though you're both super handsome!). Well done!

Jul. 17 2014 04:46 PM
David Ezekiel Brooks from Salt Lake City

This had me laughing in the office. So awesome that he had you two on. Both of you are some of my favorite media sources. Keep up the great work!

Jul. 17 2014 04:04 PM
Chad from Toldeo, OH

This is the first time I have seen your faces to match the voice, I have listened to you on podcasts and via Michigan Public Radio for years. You look totally different than how I pictured you. But great interview.

Jul. 17 2014 10:12 AM
Jean Rothenberg from Houston, TX

Great job, guys. You managed to turn your interview with Colbert into a Radiolab episode. Loved it.

Jul. 17 2014 05:06 AM

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