Aug 23, 2011

Skin in the Game

Writer Eric Simons gets the ball rolling this episode with an embarrassing admission about a beautiful night, a hockey game, and an overwhelming, outsized feeling of rage that overtook his senses. 

What is it about being a fan that causes such intense reactions? How can the outcome of a game played by a bunch of strangers matter enough to make your day or destroy your week? Stephen Dubner, the host of Freakonomics Radio, makes a case for how sports can be deeply meaningful, and deeply personal. Stephen tells us how a childhood fascination with Steelers running back Franco Harris turned into an obsession after one seemingly miraculous play (now known as the Immaculate Reception) in 1972. And he explains how this obsession fed a recurring dream that haunted him for years, and eventually led to a grown-up realization about his life.

Read more:

Eric Simons, The Secret Lives of Sports Fans

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