Mar 3, 2015

The Music of La Mancha Screwjob

Radiolab is a very musical show, and I sometimes get more credit for that than I deserve. For our last episode, which was about authenticity and realness (as filtered through professional wrestling and Cervantes), I put out a request on Facebook for songs that include the lyrics "is this real?"  

I then asked the amazingly talented Dylan Keefe to mash them up. 

ALOT of people have asked about these mashups. Here they are, with notes from Dylan. 


Dylan: So, Jad asked me to string together snippets of these songs as a sort of lazy river flowing through a dreamy question of reality (or something like that) and so I made FOR REALZ TAKE 1 using Nick Hakim’s amazing song The Light as sort of a loose foundation and it seemed to capture the mood we were looking for. Then I just tried to stretch and manipulate the other snippets to match the dreamy mood and give some sense of cohesion yet disorientation. 

Everyone in the office seemed to be really into the result and I must admit it has stuck in my head more than most of these collages I’ve done. Then Jad said “So moving! Now gimmie 3 more”. Unfortunately the One Hit Wonder troll has dogged me for most of my life and I’m afraid he may have bit me again. Alas, I made FOR REALZ 2 and then another one combining Fleetwood Mac and wrestling audio to poke fun at real and imagined drama. 

Thanks for listening! If only there were Protools when I was a kid :D

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