Feb 8, 2011

Radiolab Presents: The Loneliness of the Goalkeeper

This week on the podcast, football! No, it's not a Super Bowl recap. Jad and Robert present a piece from across the pond--a piece about soccer they fell in love with when they heard it at the Third Coast festival in Chicago.

Back in October, Jad and Robert hosted the awards ceremony at the Third Coast International Audio Festival. And one piece, well...kinda blew their minds. Partly because it's beautiful (it won one of the big awards), and partly because it has a lot to say about symmetry--a topic we'll spend a full hour on in an upcoming episode. (By the way: Jad and Robert will be performing the symmetry show live in New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle in March, get more info and tickets here!)

So, consider this an appetizer for the symmetry shmorgishborg to come. "The Loneliness of the Goalkeeper," presented by writer, broadcaster, and former goalkeeper Hardeep Singh Kohli, and produced by Adam Fowler, is a Ladbroke Radio production, and was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Enjoy!

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