Dec 12, 2011

Radiolab Presents: 99% Invisible

Roman Mars loves to spotlight the seams and joints that make up the world around us. He's the host of an irresistible podcast called 99% Invisible--a series of tiny radio stories that provoke enormous questions. Roman joins Jad and Robert to play a few favorites, and to chat about the hidden language of design that shapes our lives--from sound effects to stuff that’s more ... concrete.

In this short, Jad and Robert invite Roman into the studio to feature three of his episodes and answer some questions.

We start with the art of making modern electronic devices "sound right" with carefully designed beeps and clicks. Then, a complicated portrait emerges from decades-old graffiti etched into the sidewalks of San Francisco. And dense infographics become a new kind of diary for a guy who charts his time on Earth as a series of annual reports. Roman's podcast is full of little shake-up moments--discoveries that make you stop and re-examine the objects you see and touch every day.

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