Oct 8, 2010

It's Alive?

Reporter Aaron Scott brings us the story of Sxip Shirey who avoided New York City most of his life. But as an aspiring musician, he decided that moving there was a necessary evil. Then, one night on a roof overlooking the skyline--he had an epiphany that completely changed the way he saw the city.

Meanwhile, every city has its own unique feel -- but where does that feeling come from? Bob Levine, Professor of Psychology at California State University, found a way to take the pulse of a city...and get a little bit closer to locating its heart.

Then, physicists Geoffrey West and Luis Bettencourt argue that the pace of a city has an underlying logic--a logic they believe they've unlocked with one tidy mathematical formula. Jonah Lehrer helps explain what the math reveals -- and misses -- about cities.

Read more:

Robert Levine's A Geography of Time

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