Sep 30, 2015

Hello: The Broadcast

It's hard to start a conversation with a stranger—especially when that stranger is, well, different. He doesn't share your customs, celebrate your holidays, watch your TV shows, or even speak your language. In this episode, we try to make contact with some of the strangest strangers on our little planet: animals.

First, reporter Ari Daniel tells us about Klaus Zuberbuhler's work in the Tai Forest of West Africa. When Klaus first came to the forest, he hit a wall of sound. But he slowly started making sense of that sonic chaos by scaring a particular monkey called the Diana Monkey. Turns out, the Diana Monkey is making more than just noise. We travel with Klaus into the woods as he tells us about one day when the cacophony of monkey calls were distilled into a life-saving warning.

Next, we meet Margaret Howe who in the 1960's had a very unusual roommate: a bottlenose dolphin named Peter.  In her first-ever radio interview, Margaret tells the story of their time together. 

Last, producer Lynn Levy jumps into the water to hear for herself what the dolphins have to say.

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