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Free Download: Buke & Gass

Friday, June 03, 2011 - 10:25 AM

Buke & Gass Buke & Gass (Grant Cornett)

"Your Face Left Before You," by Buke & Gass

We're gearing up for our live taping on June 18th at NYU Skirball Center with a free download from Buke & Gass--one of the three musical acts Jad will present during a night of electritying performances. Grab tickets here. (PS: you get $5 off with the code "radiolab.")

Buke & Gass will take the stage along with percussionist Glenn Kotche from Wilco, and a surprise special guest who is brain-twistingly awesome. All three acts share a spirit of musical adventure and exploration, and the ability to rock a house harder than a passing subway. 

Get in the spirit with a free download of "Your Face Left Before You" from Buke & Gass's album Riposte. If you like what you hear, come see them live on 6/18, and check out the whole album:


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Madison Breno de Bernal from Brooklyn, NY

Dear Jad & Robert,

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your show! I just bought tickets to the upcoming live show in NYC and I'm so excited that I get to be apart of it.

Radiolab has added so much to my life and has been there for me in many ways; especially when my Grandfather (Pop-pop) was dying. I live in Brooklyn, and Pop-pop, who had been in Florida for 35 years moved back to Binghamton, NY to be close to family because his health was rapidly declining. He moved into an apartment and was doing well for some time but his situation worsened so he had to move into an assisted living home. I had just gotten a job in my chosen profession when he became very ill, so I was really concerned that I wouldn’t have time to be with him. The company I work for is very Jewish, so thankfully there were holidays for the first 3 weeks when I started. Every Wednesday night I would hop on the bus at Port Authority and take a 3 ½ hour bus ride back to Binghamton, spend all day sitting with Pop-pop, trying to get him to eat because he didn’t want to any more, and talking to him while he dozed. And then I would hop back onto the bus and head back to my life in NYC. It was really hard seeing Pop-pop, a witty, sharp man become fragile, and forgetful.

The point of my story is that during those 3 ½ hours on the bus I would listen to Radiolab episodes. I would lose myself in the darkness of the bus, forget my sadness, and melt into a world full of wonder. I am so grateful for that escape, because for three weeks I traveled back and forth to see Pop-pop, and every time it was harder because he was doing worse. It was on the 4th week that I went back to attend Pop-pops funeral. I'm sure that if I didn't have Radiolab with me during those 3 hours, I would have been consumed with sadness and worry.

So I thank you Jad and Robert for providing me with a mental escape. I will forever be a fan and I cannot wait to see you both live.



PS: Pop-pop was Lebanese! ☺

Jun. 03 2011 12:51 PM

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