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A World of Undersea Cutouts

Thursday, October 06, 2011 - 11:00 AM

Still from 'Whale Fall (After Life of a Whale) Still from "Whale Fall (After Life of a Whale) (Sweet Fern Productions/Vimeo)

An intricate world of paper cutouts created by former Radiolab intern Sharon Shattuck and the folks at Sweet Fern Productions illustrates the different stages a whale carcass goes through after dropping to the bottom of the ocean. The music is courtesy of the Kentucky-based band Rachel's.


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Comments [13]

That was amazing to watch- but even moreso to hear! I went and bought the album as soon as the credits roled!
Now THIS is how science can be both fun and true art.

Sep. 06 2014 08:30 PM
Patrick from Massachusetts

Fascinating use of paper and video! This reminds me of an artist book I've seen before by Kate Barber. The two renditions have remarkably similar aesthetic.

Aug. 29 2014 04:12 PM

Hi, great video and animation. Just a minor correction - I'm pretty sure Beggiatoa is a sulfur oxidizing bacterium, not sulfate reducing.

May. 18 2012 11:10 PM
Corwin Ericson from Massachusetts

This is great! My novel, Swell, is just about to be published by Dark Coast Press. It's got a chapter about visiting a whale fall. It has lampreys too, but no hagfish, since I couldn't bear to think about them.

Oct. 15 2011 02:55 PM
Bob Corrigan from Washington, DC

Hi - I'd like to make a collection on the (new) Encyclopedia of Life featuring the species included in this short video. If you have any other information on the specific species featured in this video beyond what you've provided, please let me know. I'll check back in when I've got something for you to see.



product manager,

Oct. 14 2011 09:03 PM
Threemoons from Astoria, NY

How utterly gorgeous! Thank you for introducing me to the amazing band that did the background music, just bought an MP3 album from them.

Funnily enough, I was using "whalefall" as a metaphor in a conversation the other day. Odd synchronicity to see it here.

Oct. 10 2011 07:43 PM
JustinC from Brooklyn, NY

The tone and images of this piece seem very reminiscent of Pennsylvania filmmaker and animator Brent Green.

Really beautiful in its own right though. Would like to see more from these folks.

Oct. 10 2011 01:30 PM
spozbo from richmond va

"The collapse" is not the end.
It is the moment when stored energy finds its release.
Beautifully illustrated.

Oct. 08 2011 11:20 AM
Erika from Tempe, AZ

It's content like this that makes me love Radiolab. Your team has a fantastic way of transcending the traditional limitations of radio with additional material like this. Please keep it coming!

Oct. 07 2011 04:26 PM
Evan H from Dayton, OH

Incredible! Loved It! This should be a feature length movie!

Oct. 06 2011 10:27 PM
Michelle from Detroit

Delicate, beautiful, and interesting. Thanks for sharing this!

Oct. 06 2011 05:03 PM

How wonderful, beautiful, creative! Thanks!

Oct. 06 2011 04:46 PM

Very cool! Loved the hagfish.

Oct. 06 2011 04:24 PM

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