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Video: Hallelujah Mantis Shrimp

Monday, July 30, 2012 - 01:40 PM

How do you put a rainbow on the radio? You call on a choral SWAT team to turn the spectrum into a wall of sound (and pay tribute to a sea creature that sees way beyond anything humans can perceive). 

Luckily, our friends at Q2 Music not only helped hook us up with a choir for our Colors show, they also shot a really fun behind-the-scenes video of Jad in action:

This video originally debuted on Lab Partners--Radiolab's digital membership program. To get more behind-the-scenes Radiolab videos, plus other exclusive MP3s, hi-res digital art inspired by our episodes, and a mantis shrimp ringtone...become a Lab Partner and help support the show


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Comments [8]

Jaclyn from Tahoe City, CA

i just listened to this program on NPR in the car about an hour and a half ago. I'm still thinking about it and am now reading up on the Mantis Shrimp. Beautiful program! Thank you.

Sep. 04 2013 04:48 PM
Stephen from Alexandria, VA

There REALLY REALLY should be a tag on this for "Mantis Shrimp". Please?! :)

Apr. 10 2013 10:51 AM

Just enjoyed "colours" again and the thought occurred to me that when any group of young kids get together they all ask each other "what's your favourite colour?" It is a major preoccupation. Its not just making conversation, I remember being 6 and it was a passionate thing that put people into sort of groups or types. I wonder why. Great work as usual guys, thanks.

Sep. 23 2012 06:03 PM
Steve Baldwin from Milwaukee

This was great! I've been searching for your website ever since I caught this piece on the radio. I can only imagine the first reaction of the choral group, but the music turned out beautiful!

Sep. 05 2012 09:36 PM

Found it annoying, but thanks for the fact.

Aug. 20 2012 04:50 PM
Ellen from Minnesota

I walked around for days loudly singing "THE MANTIS SHRIMP" and wowing my friends with facts about color. My favorite episode since "Words." Bravo!

Aug. 15 2012 12:02 AM
Demis from Santa Barabar, California, USA

That was so cool - and one of my favorite Radiolab moments of all time! Nice work Jad, it came out so brilliantly!

I am surprised to see the mapping process - I had just assumed you took wavelengths of light and mapped them onto wavelengths of sound. That probably wouldn't have sounded nearly as awesome though!

Aug. 13 2012 11:06 PM

Absolutely fascinating.

Jul. 30 2012 04:14 PM

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