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Krulwich Wonders: The Slobbering Cat That Stole My Heart

Saturday, January 26, 2013 - 06:05 AM


Maybe you already know about this, maybe I'm in love, maybe this is just me and my particular craziness, but I want you to click on the image below. It's Mathew Inman's (who calls himself "The Oatmeal") story, handwritten, hand drawn, about his cat, Domino.

There are, we all know, wonderful sites all over the web, but every so often somebody comes along and rejuggles words, pictures and plays with space, remixing elements to very quietly find new beats, new ways to tell a story. That is what Mathew did here. At least I think so.

It's the tale of his slobbering, very unpretty pet cat, his brave sister, his homicidal yet generous uncle, and what happened one winter night when he was a boy. I should warn you, there are a couple of R-rated words in the text. Oh — and his cat drools, constantly.

Courtesy of The Oatmeal


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On the same note, there is another comic artist who follows a similar style (maybe a little more rough around the edges).
Definitely worth checking out, her name is Allie Brosh and the author of the blog Hyperbole and a Half,
She accepted her deppression (see her last entry) and has seeked help for it, being really open about it; she appeared on the surface on reddit a few months ago, responding to fans about her lastes entry and keeping us update that there is a future entry of her blog working.

Regarding the oatmeal, he has a great sense of humour (maybe not apt for everyone, some sensitive folk might get offended but his use of words or ranting against some stereotypes).
Remarkably, he recently was "involved" in a law suit were content was published in another site without his permission an without giving credit (funnyjunk). His countermove was to start a fundraising for the money he was asked for, and donate it to a charity).

With the end of mainstream publishing (and specially selfpublishing being at the reach of anyone willing to learn how to do it), some content that wouldn't be availables with middlemans deciding what is/was worth consuming is reaching the "masses".

For those who might not recognise this two artists. The Oatmeal is the author of the drawing of a monster named "Allot" (some kind of furry seal bear cross) and Allie is the author of the excited meme "EAT ALL THE THINGS" "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS".

Feb. 06 2013 03:33 PM
Bryan from Durham, NC

I saw this today while searching for The Oatmeal's graphic on the extent that cats are murderers, here: I sought out the story because of another story, from NPR, where they were interviewing the scientist that led the "what kills birds?" research team (article from Nature Communications, here: The Oatmeal's house fire story was a strange, layered, and heartwarming one that I wasn't expecting when I went searching for the murder-cats graphic. It was very well done. By the way, your work is inspiring, and I listen to your show religiously. Keep up the amazing journalism!

Jan. 30 2013 03:51 PM

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