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Where are the new episodes?

Monday, February 25, 2008 - 02:08 PM

Is this what you're wondering? We thought so. The season four shows will be available to download after they air in New York.

Here's the full calendar for online downloads:
Laughter - February 26
Deception – March 10
War of the Worlds - March 24
(So Called) Life – April 7
Pop Music – April 21

On the above dates the shows will be available both on podcast and as downloadable mp3 on the episode page of

'What if I want to listen to them in New York?' Well, that's a good question too.

New York Air Dates:
February 22 – March 21
Special 5-Week Season of Radio Lab
Every Friday: 3pm on 93.9 FM / 8pm on AM 820
Via live webstream and on-demand at

March 17-21
Encore of all five episodes
Monday - Friday: 3pm on 93.9 FM
Via live webstream and on-demand at

Happy listening!


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Comments [4]


I'm really enjoying the "Laughter" podcast! I'm circling 3/10 on my calendar!

Feb. 29 2008 04:36 PM

My eight month itch will finally be scratched! Hooray!!!

Feb. 27 2008 01:48 PM

YAY! hearing an episode once just isn't enough!

....will we be given the option to embed them in the future too, as in previous seasons?

Feb. 26 2008 06:27 PM

delayed podcasts for the west coast is killing us

(btw, it should be spelled "calendar")

Feb. 25 2008 08:44 PM

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