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Whatever your feelings on Disco, it's hard not to root for the resurgence of one particular track that started taking CPR classes by storm. Producer Ellen Horne explains how one aptly named 70s mega-hit could help you save someone's life.

Then, Jad and Robert pit physics against an ancient tale. In the bible, the sound of seven shofar players (shofars are basically trumpets made of rams' horns) blasts down the walls of Jericho. To find out how many shofars it would actually take to level a Bronze Age wall, we call on engineer and sound expert David Lubman. And we pay a visit to Cantor Daniel Pincus to hear him and his students blow some powerful shofars. Finally, we talk to inventor Woody Norris about a modern twist on this biblical challenge.

Many thanks to the 2010 Shofar All-Stars who played for us: David Liebowitz, Daniela Drakhler, Miriam Frank, Adam Hametz-Berner, Rachel Kelk, Ed Kerson, Anna Levy, Richard Scheiner, and Robert Wine.

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I really like this podcast. I've never known about how the decibel scale isn't a linear scale like we are used to thinking about.

Another idea on how the shofars could bring down the walls of Jericho is by sending sound at the natural frequency of the wall, resonance. This is similar to glass breaking at the right note. I'm not sure what the natural frequency of Jericho's mud brick wall is, but resonance from earthquakes and wind has destroyed bridges and buildings.

However David Lubman's theory on how the wall came down is a much much better story. Haha

Dec. 14 2015 05:29 PM

I finally understand the appeal of Rave music .

(You know... that annoying music the kids go to shows and jump up and down to it while amped up on the drug Extacy.)

It'a 100 to 120 beats per minute. Just right to get your heart pumping.

Poom Cha Poom Cha Poom Cha

Nov. 30 2013 05:55 PM

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