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John Luther Adams

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(Photo Credit: Paul Chesley)

What's the soundtrack for the end of the world? We go looking for an answer.

When Jad started to compose music for our live show Apocalyptical, he immediately thought of John Luther Adams. Adams' symphony “Become Ocean,” rooted in the sounds of nature, is elemental, tectonic, and unstoppable. It seemed a natural fit for our consideration of the (spoiler alert) extinction of the dinosaurs.

In this piece, Jad introduces Robert to a special on Adams from a podcast called Meet the Composer. Through interviews and snippets of his music, it captures all the forces at play in Adam's work and reveals the dark majesty of Adams' take on the apocalypse.

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jphn williams from California


Feb. 09 2016 12:41 AM
Karen Otten from NYC area

beautiful, magestic, awe inspiring

Dec. 28 2015 08:42 PM

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