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Juana Molina

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Juana Molina on stage Juana Molina on stage (blmurch/flickr/CC-BY-2.0)

In this segment,  we introduce you to Juana Molina. You may recognize some of her music from our Sperm show. We received an outpouring of emails asking about her music, so this segment is for those curious listeners who wrote in and for those who haven't heard about her ... until now.

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Crampus from Bay Area

For those that are interested in hearing this remix, check it out on Jad's Soundcloud -

Feb. 04 2017 07:06 PM
Mike Zan from Florida

Somehow I missed this segment in the archives. One of the best! Thank you for introducing me to Juana Molina. She's just fantastic. I'm going on a buying spree of her music right now. Did you ever post the re-mix Jad?

Apr. 29 2016 05:19 PM
Mikko from Los Angeles, CA

Great program, I am a huge fan of the show having listened to every episode in the archives and loved every one. Listening to Juana as I write this, thank you for giving me the gift of awareness of her music! I loved the remix there any way to get it? I know people would be willing to pay good money to get the download...

P.S. As I listen to Juana's Un Dia album, I hear in my mind a remix of the whole album with Stewart Copeland doing all the percussions - think Rhythmatist meets Juana; I can hear it in my head.

Apr. 07 2016 12:18 PM
Erin Leigh from Charleston SC

Love this episode. Purchasing Un Dia now. Hoping you will post the remix for download....

Dec. 31 2015 10:26 AM
eilish from Berkeley

wow! Is there any possibility of getting a recording of your re-mix Jad??

Dec. 30 2015 02:06 AM
Brandi Tesler from Teays Valley WV

Thank you for introducing me to her! She is in my Kaki King category of crazy in my head jams now. And your mix was just...amazing. Trying to find it all day and cant! :(

Dec. 28 2015 05:13 PM
Dawn Jordan from Auburn NY

Wow Jad, I loved your mix, Juana Molina's music was beautiful and transcending but your mix was like walking through a magical forest.
A Very creative mix of two.

Dec. 27 2015 06:00 PM
genn from Indiana

Thank you Radiolab for turning me on to this!

Dec. 26 2015 09:28 PM

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