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The Poetry of "Elements"

Wednesday, September 02, 2015 - 05:49 PM

(Photo Credit: Thomas Dooley)

For our Elements episode we were lucky enough to collaborate with two enormously talented groups of artists, Sylvan Esso and Emotive Fruition. Sylvan Esso composed "Jaime's Song", Emotive Fruition called out to its community of poets and asked for work inspired by the periodic table. Dozens of poets responded, and those poems were then performed by a group of actors in front of a live audience. We loved the work but only had room for a small sampling of the poems in the episode, so here now is the full evening.

Thomas Dooley is the creator of Emotive Fruition and he writes: "Emotive Fruition wants to change the way people experience live poetry. When we bring together poets and actors, a kind magic happens: the poems written on the page come to life on stage. When Jad and Robert asked us to put together an evening of poems that celebrated the elements, we got to work to assemble a chorus of voices as varied as the table itself. Enjoy these atomically funny, heartbreakingly geeky, and soul stirring elemental poems."

Curated and directed by Thomas Dooley.

Featuring Joniece Abbott-Pratt, Ramsey Faragallah, Lameece Issaq, and Sam Breslin Wright.

Poems written by KC Trommer, Jameson Fitzpatrick, Sarah Sala, Monica Wendel, Chrissy Malvasi, Mary Block, Becca Myers, Nicole Callihan, Theta Pavis, Jason Schneiderman, Lauren Neefe, Peter Longofono, Ama Codjoe, Jason Baker, Arden Levine, Matthew Rohrer, William Dowd, Ryan Siegel-Stechler, Jeff Musillo, Geer Austin, Brandon Menke, Dustin Luke Nelson, Carly Rubin, Christina Quintana, Julia Guez, Jerome Murphy, David McLoghlin, Emily Brandt, Emily Hockaday, and Jackie Sherbow.



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Comments [6]

BethK from Austin, Texas

I tried the links to see about purchasing the book of poetry but I could only find a book that contained some excerpts. My computer prowess is acknowledgibly lacking, so I thought I might be missing something. Can you better direct my efforts? Thank you for that and all of your wonderful shows.

Dec. 02 2016 11:52 AM
John from NYC

Great show. Is there a transcript available (especially of the poems read)?

Aug. 11 2016 12:24 PM
Agnes58 from France

"When we bring together poets and actors, a kind magic happens"
So very true...

Dec. 23 2015 08:34 AM
Jeffrey L Manion from Boise Idaho

I listened to the story in lithium, which I was on twice and had a very different experience. After a year or two I started having major side effects which I can only describe as the twitches. Involuntary movements in my arms and legs. I also flattened me out emotionally so that I felt turned off, not dead, that happens in the depressed part of bipolar, like someone had pulled a switch and I was running on automatic. Neither happy nor sad. I write poems and while I was in lithium I had nothing. Many bipolar people have said the samething and refuse treatment because they feel they lose the best part of themselves. I'm on a different drug that, so far, has been side effect free and still allows me to feel. Anyways thanks for listening.

Oct. 13 2015 11:39 AM

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Sep. 25 2015 07:38 AM
hhlee from New York, NY, USA

The media for this post is not working. Please fix. Thank you!

Sep. 15 2015 03:31 PM

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