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Producer Soren Wheeler introduces us to Dan Engber, writer and columnist for Slate, who ran across a strange fact: kids are no longer afraid of quicksand. To figure out what happened to quicksand, Dan immersed himself in research, compiled mountains of data, and met with quicksand fetishists. Dan tells Soren and Robert about his journey, and shares his theory about why the terror of his childhood seems to have lost its menacing allure. And Carlton Cuse, best-known as writer and executive producer of Lost, weighs in on whether giant pits of hero-swallowing mud might one day creep back into the spotlight.

Dan Engber's data on the percentage of movies released that feature quicksand.


Carlton Cuse, Daniel Engber and Soren Wheeler

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Kathy from South Bloomingville, OH

I'm a baby boomer who watched all the cowboy shows on Saturday morning TV as a kid - quicksand abounded!! At that time we were closer to our pioneer roots and quicksand was the primary natural metaphor of danger...

May. 06 2017 02:04 PM
Emily from NC

The Quicksand media I've consumed consists of "Scooby-Doo Where Are You?", "Blazing Saddles", "Swiss Family Robinson", and an Indiana Jones movie.

Jun. 12 2015 11:12 AM
Daniel Stein from United States

Check out Ethel Waters singing while Count Basie plays the piano in a 1943 movie: "Stage Door Canteen" and get happy! It's on youtube.

Mar. 30 2015 09:11 PM
Peter Hussey from Tucson AZ

One of the most terrifying scenes of quicksand that I can recall is from the 1980's adventure film 'Krull', granted the film is filled with the bizarre, but for some reason that scene with the quicksand was utterly disturbing.

Mar. 29 2015 05:36 PM

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