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The Real Don Quixote

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(Photo Credit: Anne Davis 773/Flickr)

Is our obsession with blurring the boundaries of reality a new thing? Or has it always been there? Everybody’s heard of the book Don Quixote, but we had no idea how totally insane, and how stirringly modern, Miguel Cervante’s masterpiece really was. It's a story within a story within a story that beat Seinfeld to the punch by more than 400 years.

Thanks to Rupert Boyd for his stellar original guitar work.

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jettie h. van den boom

Sorry guys, but this is so history! Cervantes did not write the Don Quixote. First lesson: chapter 8: the writer is out of text, so he confesses that he is not the father, but the stepfather: Chapter 9: he finds the continuation of the text.. on the market in Toledo, written in arabic by the historian Cide Hamete Benengeli. This is exactly as in the Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach, also in chapter 9: he was not the writer, he found on the market in Toledo the rest of the text,also by an arabic writer. This real writer of DQ copies a huge amount of texts. Lesson 2: Who is the real writer: Cide Hamete Benengeli minus Miguel de Cervantes ( cause he is not the writer)= rest: Siren. lesson 3) Avellaneda also writtten (not by Miguel de Cervantes)minus i Saavedra = Siren II. Francis Bacon and his esoteric group The Sireniacal Gentlemen. But it is not important who wrote this esoteric masterpiece, but why.. Just read my book

Aug. 21 2017 12:54 PM
Tara from Clovis CA

"Sophie's World" by Jostein Gaarder was my introduction to philosophy and meta-narratives. I would recommend it as a meta read or a fun intro to philosophy.

Deadpool in the comics definitely added a raunchy and gory aspect to the enjoyment of reading (and now watching) meta characters.

Would love to hear everyone else's reading suggestions for this genre.

Mar. 25 2017 04:06 PM
Khalid from Jeddah

Sure The Arabs of Andalusia can be trusted at that time of huge Islamic civilization,otherwise the Christians of their dark ages yet couldn't set their wifes free of Chastity belts.

Though I like you guys talking.

Nov. 02 2016 12:33 PM
Silvia Cobelo from São Paulo - BRAZIL

I am a scholar specialized in Cervantes reception - and I really loved this episode! You are very good - and the talk is very convincing and intrigues the listener and I am sure it made a lot of people interested in the Spanish book.

Congrats! How can I talk with you? Please send me an e-mail with your personal contact - I am writing an article about the subject and I would love to talk with you.

My best!

May. 28 2016 05:34 PM
hamletta from Maryland

Just caught a repeat of this episode. The description of Don Quixote's meta-narrative reminded me of The Princess Bride (the book). It's set up as a found manuscript, and the author breaks the fourth wall to tell readers he's skipping over the boring parts.

May. 15 2015 10:34 PM
Steven from United States

Check out the comic strip "'Lil Abner," as well as the more recent comic strip "Pearls Before Swine," in which the author, Stephan Pastis puts himself in the strip and in which characters often interact with the other strips (shooting missiles at other strips and kidnapping the kids from "Family Circus").

Mar. 09 2015 03:58 PM
Aaron from United States

One of the songs is by the Tune Yards

Still trying to find the other song...

Mar. 01 2015 01:09 PM
Alex from New York

song at the end of the show is "The Light" by Nick Hakim

Feb. 26 2015 04:26 PM
Mckay from Galveston, TX

I didn't really appreciate it until listening to this podcast today, but recently I read a book called The Scholar of Moab by Steven Peck which incorporates a lot of the blurred lines between fiction and non-fiction discussed in this episode. I highly recommend it, especially if you have any connection to southern Utah or Mormonism, since those are incidental themes.

Feb. 26 2015 03:09 PM
Annie from Texas

Great show - gave me a new respect for WWF and looking forward to listening to D.Q. soon! Am seriously interested in whoever put that last mashup of reality-themed songs together so beautifully! That's four askers now :)
Thank you!

Feb. 26 2015 12:39 PM
D from California

I definitely recommend picking up the audiobook narrated by George Guidall. He brings every character alive in his reading!

Feb. 25 2015 10:28 PM
Douglas from Vermont

It's funny you mentioned Huck Finn as an example of how strange it'd be if Twain had used the same sort of meta layering. The first line reads:

'You don't know about me, without you have read a book by the name of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," but that ain't no matter. That book was made by Mr. Mark Twain, and he told the truth mainly.'

Feb. 25 2015 08:11 PM
E from Dallas

Gotta be the third person asking for the song! Great episode as always!

Feb. 25 2015 06:39 PM
Amaji from Barcelona

Yes, that song, what was that! Great show this week guys. Thank you.

Feb. 25 2015 05:34 PM
Fred Wenzil from connecticut

Great show as always. I also enjoyed the music at the end of the show. I was wondering what the song was?

Feb. 25 2015 10:07 AM

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