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The Real Don Quixote

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(Photo Credit: Anne Davis 773/Flickr)

Is our obsession with blurring the boundaries of reality a new thing? Or has it always been there? Everybody’s heard of the book Don Quixote, but we had no idea how totally insane, and how stirringly modern, Miguel Cervante’s masterpiece really was. It's a story within a story within a story that beat Seinfeld to the punch by more than 400 year

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Pamela H. Long from United States

Thanks so much for this! I'm a professor of Spanish and every other year I teach a seminar on DQ. It's coming up again in the Spring of 2016 (of course!) and I'm going to have my students listen to this as the opening assignment. You all did such an awesome job of presenting the humor, irony and meta-fiction angle, and you did it with the appropriate humor it deserves!! I think your point that it was the dividing line between the Renaissance and the modern age of reason, hit the nail on the head. The impact that this work has had on modern literature can never be underestimated--the first "modern" novel, the first "metafiction," the first world-wide best seller. It was to its time, what Star Wars is to this. Thank you again!

May. 10 2015 07:37 PM

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