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Sex, Ducks & The Founding Feud

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What does a jilted lover’s revenge have to do with an international chemical weapons treaty? More than you’d think. From poison and duck hunts to our feuding fathers, we step into a very odd tug of war between local and federal law.

When Carol Anne Bond found out her husband had impregnated her best friend, she took revenge. Carol's particular flavor of revenge led to a US Supreme Court case that puts into question a part of the US treaty power. 

Producer Kelsey Padgett drags Jad and Robert into Carol's poisonous web, which starts them on a journey from the birth of the US Constitution, to a duck hunt in 1918, and back to the present day … it’s all about an ongoing argument that might actually be the very heart and soul of our system of government

UPDATE: The Supreme Court made a decision in the Carol Anne Bond case during the summer of 2014. If you've listened to the piece (or don't mind a spoiler) check out what our producer Kelsey Padgett had to say about the verdict.




John Bellinger, Joseph Ellis, Duncan Hollis and Nick Rosenkranz

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Jamalily from Philadelphia

Many years ago when I was the integrity officer for a public agency, the only way we were able to prosecute employees who participated in credit card fraud was thru the post office. After the application process, the credit card had to be MAILED to the person.
Also, the only way we were able to fire the employees was 'a misuse of city equipment' because the confirmation of employment involved calls to a TELEPHONE number that was not the personnel office.

Jan. 17 2016 01:27 PM
Lance from Newark, DE

The Missouri v. Holland discussion, though interesting, is somewhat misguided - and is sorely missing discussion of the public trust doctrine. Under the public trust doctrine, the state's powers regulating wildlife (as well as most other powers) are subject to the powers surrendered to the federal government. So this wasn't some devious plot by the federal government (and Woodrow Wilson), this preemption was something that was agreed upon and written into the Constitution.

Dec. 04 2014 02:05 PM
Kevin from Houston, TX

Loved the reference to WoW. I certainly played with people across the country who I knew better (and continue to be closer with) than my next-door neighbors.

Nov. 19 2014 03:31 PM
Greg from Hardy, VA

Love every show you do, y'all. What I keep seeing behind every show is the Being we are - the Witness - smiling at our progress. The new paradigm is taking shape!

Who we are - what God is - this Witness - cannot be described in words, but that doesn't keep us from trying! So here's what seems True thru the GregLaw filter:

The spacious Presence - No_thing - into which every thing comes (only) to pass is also that 99%+ of every atom which is 'empty space'. So God (Who we are) both contains the entire expanding Universe and permeates every particle of this creation, and yet is no thing at all. Every time we try to figure out our 'jurisdiction', we find ourselves limiting into form what is in fact unlimited - the Life that animates these forms of 'ours' and 'theirs'. When we notice this Unmanifest Liveliness, we see that Life is Eternal, and it is only these forms which seem to come and go. The question of jurisdiction is relegated to this world of forms in which we find our selves... but This Self is in form but not of it. Jurisdictions are, then, relatively unimportant. Jurisdiction is a time & space thing, unlike Who we are. What we are really about now is disidentifying from ego and noticing there is really only One.
Resources: - Byron Katie
The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle
Conscious.TV - nonduality tab
Advaita (some old books)
How Long is Now - Tim Freke
A Universe From Nothing - Krauss ('cept there ain't no dark matter - the big energy is what Awareness measures like)

Nov. 08 2014 02:29 PM

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